Comments from Estys:


I sold it! thank you for being you and being so amazing to host such an amazing page to help estheticians sell their equipment !!! 💕
Hi Shelley, Wow! Less than a week and the BT Hydroderm V2 and the Radiancy FSD sold!!! I’m so happy they found a great home and with such a simple process! Thank you!!! Jen (then this email came in a few minutes later)…. And I literally just sold the Oxiana Oxygen machine this morning, so Thank you!!!
So so so pleased with your site! It really is a gem for esthies!This is my second time using your website to sell equipment. I’m glad you are charging us because you should make something for this service. I really like and trust your set up and I would much rather see an Esthetician get a good deal then other people. Thanks again,Lynne
Shelley, Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I sold both of my items listed through your site 😊. I can’t thank you enough for helping me connect with the right people to sell them. I look forward to learning and doing more in the future but until then God Bless. Thanks again, Lisa
Shelley, thank you so much for providing so many wonderful services to the people of our industry. One of which is your equipment deals page. I’m pleased to inform you that I have sol the last and final piece of equipment that I listed with you. Thank you for all you do, Shannon
I just wanted to let you know that I sold my Skin for Life Microdermabrasion this weekend. I really appreciate you posting this item for me. This is another reason on why I will continue to do business with you! Have a great week! Ellen
Happy Sunday Shelley!! You and your website Rock!! I just can’t Thank you enough! I sold both of my machines to an amazing Esty a little over a week ago, with the transaction complete last Friday. I appreciate you so much. Kaye
Shelley’s website makes it so easy and professional to list your equipment for sale. I was able to sell my device soon after it was listed. Shelley provides many invaluable services to estheticians, and this is certainly one of them. Thanks! Andrea
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for All you do to help estheticians all over the country!You make a difference! I also wanted to thank you for posting my Radiancy FSD machine. I sold it! Thank you for your assistance.
Thank you so very much for providing this service. It is fantastic! Cheryl
I really appreciate all that you do for us! Gabrielle


Thank you Shelley. I sold my FSD! What a great site. Shawna
Hi Shelley….”I so appreciate this service you offer to all of us Estys. I’ve sold 2 pieces of equipment on your site and now there are two other happy estheticians with a great deals on pieces of equipment they needed…brilliant! You have made it so easy for us to sell equipment and it is so gracious that you ask absolutely nothing for this service.You are a clever woman who truly understands the power of giving. Thank you are a blessing and a treasure. Nicky
The machine I posted sold! Thank you so much for having your website offer deals!! Cynthia
Hey Shelley! It’s Kelsi, thank you so much for listing my machine, I actually just sold it. thank you so much for providing this, it has been an amazing experience!
Thanks so much for having the deals page on your site. I find so many great items on there for fabulous prices. Jolie
Thank you so much for posting my equipment. Most everything has sold! Can you please take the post down.Thank you again. You provide a wonderful service to help great equipment find new homes. Nadine
I want to let you know that my Bio-Therapeutic Microcurrent has sold. Thank you, for all of your assistance and help. Nancy
Hi Shelley. Just want to let you know that the Dermafiles you listed for me on your equipment deal page have sold. That was fast. I appreciate you providing that option for all of us. Thanks!! Melissa
Hi there Shelley Hancock. Once more your website has helped me out.The loveliest esthetician (also from California) is purchasing my facial rejuvenation machine.And, all in about a week’s time!The positive energy you share with all of us is deeply appreciated. Take care of yourself. You are so special.Nancy
Much appreciation for listing my two machines on your website. What a great service you provide for all of us. Sara
Hi Shelley. The microdermabrasion machine sold! Thanks for offering this service. Now the Celluma that I ordered is paid for! Can’t wait until it gets here! I just love it when I trust, do my part and watch the universe work for us. Sue
This is the most wonderful service ever. Nancy
PS…You are such a great role model for kindness, prosperity and education.