Facial Versus Treatment


Facial Versus Treatment

The other day I was training an Esthetician on a few pieces of equipment. She brought one of her long time clients with her as her model to work on. This client had only experienced a European facial. No equipment whatsoever. I explained to this client that today was about training, so I would be chatting throughout her whole treatment (notice I called it a treatment not facial). She didn’t mind at all, she was excited for this new experience.

As we worked with the equipment over the next hour, I explained several times that this is not a typical facial. I call it a “treatment” to differentiate it from a facial. There is no massage and I’m not applying a ton a lotions and potions. I’m letting the high tech equipment do the work for me. Clients will still leave relaxed but even better, they will leave with major changes in the way they look…the WOW factor.

This client seemed to be intrigued with everything we were doing. We could see the changes happening as we were working on her and getting excited to see her reaction! After we finished, she took look in the mirror. The first word out of her mouth was “WOW”.  That’s exactly what we wanted to hear! Then she turned around and looked at both of us and said “I’m never getting a facial again, from now on I only want treatments”.  Music to our ears!

That is the reaction that keeps clients coming back for more. When they can visually see a huge difference in their skin after only one treatment …they’re yours forever! You’ve got them hooked for life!

Another young Esthetician brought her Mom in as her model. A very sweet woman, but I have to say she seemed a bit timid and concerned about what we were about to do to her! I explained each modality we were going to do her and exactly how it would feel, in hopes to make her feel more comfortable. It only took a few minutes for her relax and realize that nothing was going to hurt. Once again, this woman’s face changed right there in front of us….the Daughter was getting so excited! Her Mom sat up and walked over to the mirror. This time we all chanted “WOW”! She looked like a totally different person. Her face was illuminated, eyes wide open, and lifted…I could go on!

Here’s the email I received from that Esthetician later in the day “I cannot thank you enough for what you did for my mom. The treatment was A-MA-ZING! I can’t believe she did not have any makeup on and her skin had this healthy glow! This treatment is fantastic and I cannot wait to continue this for my mom (and myself). We just could not stop talking about it in the car and even during our mother-daughter dinner date”. Again, music to my ears!

I’m not saying that there isn’t a place and time for the relaxing steam facials but if you want to transform your business into a money making, client retaining, satisfaction guaranteed skincare business then I believe that the cutting edge equipment technologies available to us are the way to go. Start with just one new toy and watch your business transform before your eyes!


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