I received this email this morning: OMG! You sold it already? Shelley you are the best, I am so grateful for your expertise & ethics, so rare these days!! I can not thank you enough!! Sue

Sue was is a pinch and needed help selling a piece of equipment. She’s been a longtime client of mine. I appreciate her business very much so I felt the desire to reciprocate by helping her out. I’m sharing this with you because of her statement about ethics being so rare these days. As business people we all need to keep ethics first. You take care of your customers and they will in turn take care of you. With so much competition in the esthetic business (you probably have 4 more spas on your street!) you need to stand out from that spa down the street. Doing everything you can to offer fabulous customer service should be your first priority.

Go the extra mile for a client and I guarantee she’ll be a lifetime client!