Sunday 3/24/2019: Yesterday I met the developer of the Opti Resurfacing Complex. She flew in from Arizona to my home in Northern California and we spent the day together. First of all, let me share with you that Janet is a wonderful woman!! But I kinda already knew that just from our phone calls over the last month!

When she got to my home we chatted for a bit before she started my treatment. She filled me in on her background and how this product came about. I asked her if she had a website for all of you to visit to purchase the Opti Resurfacing Complex and I loved her answer!! Yes there is a website but that she prefers you to call her to place your first order. She wants to get to know the Estheticians offering her treatment. She wants to make sure they’re questions are answered and that we’re all getting the best results for our clients. A gal after my own heart! Here is the website. It’s still under development but her contact info is there or you can fill out the form to have her contact you. Make sure you tell her that Shelley sent you!

This treatment is like a detox for the face (or any body part!). We used a few of my toys with the product during the treatment and decided that the My Skin Buddy and the Volero are perfect to cut down on the time and optimize the results. Video coming soon to show you that!

It’s hard to describe how my skin felt after we finished. Different than anything I’ve ever experienced. Our skin always feels soft and is always glowing after a facial right? This was different. Like my face was lighter. Not brighter (although it was brighter). I really mean lighter. You know how it feels when you get your hair cut and your head feels lighter (I have thick heavy hair so it’s a major difference for me!) That’s how it felt. Like tons of extra weight was taken off of my face.

Janet asked me to do nothing before I go to bed and apply just one product in the morning. That was mentally tough…I’m so used to doing so many steps morning and evening. But in the morning my skin felt just as light and hydrated.

A group of Estys showed up at my home this morning to watch Janet do a few treatments. I received lots of compliments on my skin and I think everyone left this afternoon agreeing with me that this is a fabulous treatment!

Here’s the skinny on the treatment: The Opti Resurfacing Complex is a unique proprietary blend. The synergistic action of ingredients work together producing skin exfoliation without trauma. Epidermal surface layers including surfactant buildup are removed revealing brighter, smooth, soft, less congested skin. This allows the skin to breath with a healthy glow. Results are immediate and can be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types.

See how to do the treatment using the My Skin Buddy and Volero: 

Full day workshop at my home in Northern California June 9th and June 10th. Only 12 attendees each day. Fee is $100. That includes the education, lunch and take home products. Email me if you are interested. Please state which day you would like to attend. 

Contact Janet at:  Please tell her that Shelley sent you!