20 Hz Pro

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6/30/2021: We’re pacing an order next week. Please call or email if you’re interested in getting this fabulous piece of equipment!

20 Hz Pro is patented Vibroacoustic Technology delivering 20 Hertz of sound (not ultrasound) distributed through one of five different probes. Please be aware that there is a knock off out there for much less but it is NOT this technology.

The relaxing wavelengths generated by the 20 Hz Pro can be felt as gentle vibration to the customer and is synergistic with any treatment you may already be performing or can be performed as a stand alone treatment.

1 Massage unit contains 5 probes, traveling case, 1 year manufacturer warranty, 1 hour skype training with Mary Schook and international delivery. This FDA class 1 massage device is available to purchase through licensed professionals only. All practitioners must present current insurance and license at the time of purchase.

Skin Games 2020 Winner, Kelly Wolcott credits the 20 Hz Pro for her 1st place win in Age Management, 3rd place in Pigmentation and 2nd place in Acne. Here’s a video where she uses it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANsXURKDdqE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2NxsgHMlBZYAnZJ9ZsgU5cuoUwDdsYalKXjK8uyXeNZHDSzQLCJn3mV_s

10/14/2017: I invited the U.S. distributor of the 20 Hz Pro to my workshop in San Mateo on 9/24/2017. She traveled from the East Coast to be with us and she was the highlight of the day. Everyone was mesmerized by this piece of equipment! There truly is not anything else like it in our industry. Three of the attendees ended up purchasing it.

11/20/2017: The National Distributor flew out here to California again yesterday and we had the best demo/training day!! There were three of us there that had already purchased and by the end of the day, the 4th Esty ending up grabbing one!! One of my clients showed up to be a model. She had a terrible cold. This is the email I received from her the next morning: “OMG you have to call me this morning. I can breathe and I can taste food and smell and more importantly sleep”. Music to my ears!

I have a hard time sleeping past 4:30 and I slept until 6:30 this morning after being worked on yesterday. The Distributor worked on the back of one of the gals legs and her butte’ was actually lifted by the time she finished….no kidding!! I LOVE this machine!!

I have never been diagnosed with TMJ but I have constant pain in my jaw. I hold my stress there. The 20 Hz Pro has been a life saver for me. I use it for about 5 minutes every other day and it keeps it a bay.

2/05/2018: To date I’ve sold 15 20 Hz Pros to Estheticians and one Massage Therapist. They are all so very happy that they made the investment.

March 2018: We completely sold out of over 40 units! I’ll post when we get more in.

5/24/2019: I continue to love this modality. I use it on almost every treatment, sometimes for just a few minutes and in other treatments I spend the full 15 minutes using it. It has helped reduce the size of the 3 goiters in my neck by taking the inflammation down!

The 20 Hz Pro unfolds so many immediate and long-term benefits. For estheticians the most common service is acoustic drainage, increased product penetration and calming of the skin post procedure.  It can be used in conjunction with any product in your current treatment room offerings. It enhances what you already do in your practice by reducing your time and allowing your customer to feel a sense of calm and well-being- no matter how stressed they may be, which every practitioner will find invaluable.

Contraindications are pregnancy, active cancer, pacemaker or other implanted devices.