DermaDisc Exfoliator

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The DermaDisc is a fabulous resurfacing tool that exfoliates the skin using gentle vibrations and a convex exfoliating tip that removes the top layer of dead skin cells leaving smooth, refreshed and rejuvenated skin. There is no suction as I am not a big fan of suction! Use on dry skin just like microdermabrasion.

The DermaDisc™ includes:
Three Convex Exfoliating Tips
Mild for sensitive and rosacea skin
Medium for average skin types
Intense for thick, sun damaged, acne scars and male skin (great for back of hands and forearms as well!)
Smooth Tip (keep in frig or freezer to use after waxing or extractions)
It’s Battery Operated (battery Included).

*I love my DermaDisc. Thanks for finding awesome tools to help my practice! Maria
*I am really impressed with that tool and am so happy we spoke and you directed me toward that equipment instead of micro derm machine!!! Jackie

*Hi Shelley. I’ve used the dermadisc several times in the last few days and I’m here to tell you I LOVE it Thanks for recognizing this awesome tool. Phil

*Love this machine and need a second. Joyce

*This is Marie from Saint Petersburg Florida. My students have been using the derma disk and just love it. I think it is fab.

*I’m soooooo happy with the Dermadisc!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to it. I finally tried it on myself and I can’t stop touching my face because it is so smooth and soft. It’s such a powerful tool for being such a ‘small toy. I absolutely love it! Best, Cindy

*I am absolutely LOVING my DermaDisc. Carolyn

*Good Morning from the East Coast to the West Coast! I was just using my dermadisc on myself! It is like the dermafile on crack! Shari

* I am getting some great repeat clients from DermaDisc facials. I have a Groupon running with this as a “mid price” option. It’s really just like my one hour facial, but includes treatments with the DermaDisc & Eye Rejuvenator. Almost all the Groupon clients who have bought this option have rebooked, and are the types who purchase retail. These two tools were a fantastic low cost way to differentiate & add value to a Groupon service, price it higher, and subsequently identify the type of clients you can retain – and up sell/retail. Kate

*Hi Shelley! I received the Dermadisc and the products and really looking forward to trying everything. I played with the Dermadisc and I’m loving it already! I sent a text blast to my existing client base about my new “Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion” treatment and within 10 minutes I had my first appointment request and quite a few since then! I was blown away! With all the specials I’ve run the last year I’ve never had a response like that so I’m very excited! Thank you! Joan

DermaDisc is very effective for treating sun damaged skin, scars, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks and fine lines. Same great results as microdermabrasion….less irritation! Use on dry skin just like microdermabrasion.

Use the exfoliating tips just as you would microdermabrasion. Hold skin taunt wile moving tool over the skin.

Use the smooth tip after you exfoliate for a calming feeling. Apply a cool gel mask first and then run the smooth tip over the face for a minute or two. Keep the smooth tip in the refrigerator for a cooling feeling after extractions, waxing or peels!

Complete directions and protocol come with purchase.

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