The DermalAir Exfoliating Oxygen Air Gun

Available to licensed skin care professionals only. Apply for Professional Account under "Shop" tab.

Turn Your Oxygen Infusion Treatment into an Exfoliating OxygenTreatment!

Comes with tip for regular infusion, as well as 3 exfoliating tips (fine #200, medium #150, and coarse #100).

We got to thinking….how cool would it be to exfoliate while I was using my oxygen infusion machine and my brain started going on overdrive. There are microderm infusion machines, but I haven’t seen an actual oxygen air gun that exfoliates. Well now there is one…the DermalAir!! It took months of working closely with a manufacturer to develop an air gun that has an adaptor with three exfoliating tips! Plus you can still use it for your regular oxygen infusion treatment! So now the pressure of the oxygen machine is pushing your product in while you’re exfoliating! That’s different than product just flowing out of a microderm hand piece. It’s so AWESOME you guys!!!

Hi Shelley, I purchased your DAG (DermalAir Gun) at the Long Beach show and am very happy with it. It is so great to be able to offer this treatment to my clients and I feel it gives me an edge over my competitors that are only offering Hydrafacials and Silk peels. Denise

Wow! I am so loving this Airgun!! It works soooo well and clients like the feeling- they say it’s cool and good. I am glad that I bought the machine that cleans the attachments with the spiordic enzyme cleaner because you can tell how the skin remnants get into the groves of the threads. Helps clean these for the next client. Love this idea, you are a genius! Lexy

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Air Gun w/tips, Air Gun Only (no tips), Adapter + 3 exfoliating tips, Extra Coarse Tip