Illuminate Full Face LED Panel

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Illuminate Flexible Full Face Panel…Superior New LED Technology. FDA registered and cleared. 1800 Red LED’s (this is the most powerful panel I’ve ever worked with!) I can special order the panels in green or blue as well!!

  • Deep red 660nm  (the most studied wavelength for skin rejuvenation)
  • 5 minute treatment time (5400 Joules total in five minutes. 5 to 10 times other panels!)
  • 5 Joules/cm2 in five minutes (0.5 to 6 joules is considered optimal for skin rejuvenation)
  • 1800 cm2
  • Uniform energy over distance which means nose, cheeks, and chin get the same amount of energy! Proprietary and Patent-Pending. No one else has it!
  • Warranty: five years. This panel is very rugged. It’s been thoroughly tested for wear and tear. If an LED fails and we see damage to the panel then it is not covered under warranty.
  • Comes with a sturdy carrying case!
  • I have been hooked on LED Light since I was first introduced to it in 2003. I include it in every treatment. It is not an add on. I just factor into the cost and time of the treatment. LED is like the icing on the cake. It will take the results you are already achieving up another level. Seriously consider offering LED Light Therapy to your clients!

Click on the above before/after pictures to see clients that came in once a week for six weeks. No other equipment. No special product. Just LED!

This panel with all red LED’s is fabulous for anti-aging, pigmentation, acne scars and the redness left over from acne. It will also brighten and achieve some toning over time. In my experience red LED’s are the most beneficial.

You will get 40,000 hours from these LED”s. So let’s say you used it for 8 hours a day (meaning it was actually turned on for 8 hours, which you are not going to do!) for 5 days a week. That would come out to 20 years!!

Read this informative Skin Inc. article!



My First Experience with LED Light Therapy

It was 2003 when I was first introduced to LED Light Therapy. It’s kind of a funny story! My husband and I were at the Face and Body Show which was in San Francisco back then. We were only attending so that I could pick up some supplies. I had no intention of purchasing anything major that day. After walking around for about an hour we both needed to visit the little girls and boys room. I got out before my husband and kind of started to wander away from the area. I realized this wasn’t a good idea because we didn’t have cell phones on us to find each other.

So I stopped right where I was and it happened to be in front of a LED booth. I stood and watched what they were doing. I had never seen LED light before, so this really intrigued me. Before I knew it, I was sitting in their chair with a gal holding a LED handpiece to the side of one of my eye (the crows feet area). She stood there for a good five minutes all the while explaining about LED and what it was doing to my skin. Hmmm…this is very interesting. It’s been about 30 minutes now and no site of my husband yet. I figured if I stayed in place he would eventually find me. Another 15 minutes and he shows up looking a bit frazzled. He’s been all over the expo looking for me…oops!

So, I thanked the gal for her time and off we go to finish getting my supplies. While we’re walking around, my husband kept looking at me, kinda even staring at me a bit. I said “What, why are you staring at me?” He remarked “What did she do to you? Your eye looks really good. Go back and make her do the other one to match”. I hadn’t even looked in a mirror so I had no idea that what she did had made a difference.

Back to the booth we go. I sit down, laugh and say “So, how much is this going to cost me”. Yes, we walked away with a nice new shiny LED machine. I truly had no intention of making such a purchase but I have to tell you that I’m so happy that I did.

I have been hooked on LED Light ever since and each client that comes for treatments gets a minimum of 10 minutes under LED with their treatment! I just factor into the cost and time. LED  takes the results you are already achieving, up a notch or two! Seriously consider offering LED Light Therapy to your clients!

11/29/2018: I want to get rid of my bulky LED panel now that I have such an amazing led panel!!! I’ve purchased a dozen different brands of light and I am so happy with this one. Monica

11/30/2018: FYI regarding the Illuminate panel; great video, and I loved your marketing suggestions.
I used it first time today on a client; it’s way bright but very tolerable for my eyes. For my client, I applied a small strip of a cut up black washcloth under the goggles which made it very comfortable for her sensitive eyes. Thanks, Lee

OMG this LED is no joke. It’s a beast! Tanya

1/09/2019: I used it on myself 4 times by now 10 min each time after enzyme peel from Image and I like how fresh my skin looks.  I will try to use it every other day for a few weeks . Edyta

1/24/2019: I thought the Rezenerate was the best purchase I would ever make, it was my first “wow” piece of equipment and that in and of it’s self makes it extra special to me. I always knew I would find other things I loved and “game changers” but I never expected to find something that totally took the place of that that first love. This LED is beyond amazing. The fact that it’s only a 5 minute treatment and I get to tell my clients it does the same amount of astonishing, look at me, unbelievable work as the longer treatment machines makes every one of them feel like I’m the best decision they made for their beautification. With or without product this baby delivers. I personally love it because my skin is very sensitive and sensitized. I can use this machine on myself and I get to be the cheerleader for it unlike many things I have (even my ultrasonic spatula leaves my face looking like I lost a fight with a bear). I feel confident on using it on everyone which, after all the trial and error I have personally had, I didn’t think I would ever feel. My tag line for this has been “If you are on the fence, JUMP!” I stand by that even more now than the first time I said it. As a side note I always pull my clients headbands down during this treatment so they get as much light as they can! Samantha

3/29/2019: I can’t get over the amazing results this panel provides. My clients (and I) are absolutely addicted to it. Thank you, Kimberly

4/05/2019: Hi Shelley,I have to admit I was sitting on the fence with this one and missed the introductory price.If you’ve been in the industry as long as me (40 plus years) you’ve probably bought a few pieces of dud equipment!  Not this one!!…The Illuminate is a 5 star winner. This light is by far the best LED light I’ve purchased. After only 5 minutes, the skin is glowing. It is fantastic when used it combination with your favorite serums. I love how elegant and streamlined it looks. The case it comes in is very well made too!  I’m so glad I trusted Shelley with this purchase.  I am so impressed with the’s my favorite piece of equipment to use!  Love it…a must have for serious results in your treatment room! Nicky

4/05/2019: I just got my Illuminate five days ago and I can already see that my skin is smoother from using it only five minutes a day. It really works! Stacy

4/21/2019: I freaking LOVE it Shelley!! xo Christine

7/02/2019: I love the Illuminate both units (red and green). Use them a lot. That’s the type of equipment I like, things that build and repair the skin. Love and joy Joan

7/19/2019: Loving my Illuminate, and Green LED. I have a couple of patients with acne that would like to come in a couple times a day for a 5 minute treatment on the Illuminate. Is that OK to do?  Lisa (my answer is YES!)

9/28/2019: Just a quick note to let you know I received the panel. To be completely honest I was not sure if LED was that beneficial. I’ve tried the (she names a well known company) and thought the results were average at best. But after 1 day of using the illuminate I am blown away. The results are instant and the 5 minute treatment time is way more practical. So, thank you! I am thrilled about this and my clients will be too. Trisha

11/24/2019: Hi Shelley! Love my illuminate! Cheryl

3/15/2020: Shelley, I received the panel yesterday and in the evening already had my 5 min face and 5 min hands under it.  I live in Colorado and in the morning, especially in the winter, we all wake up with super dry skin, no matter how much cream you applied at bedtime. You wake up, run to the bathroom to put eye lubricating drops, cream on the face and hand cream. This morning I woke up with supple, fresh, moist skin. No kidding. I will be working on my husband’s skin with this panel religiously. He has lots of sun damage from outdoors sports. I did everything I am aware of on the market and was not able to create much difference. I always joke that he is a “disgrace” for my practice. Now I hope to change that! Thank you so much, Tatyana (I LOVE this testimonial…Shelley)

4/17/2020: I love love love my new LED 5 minute panel! Maria

5/03/2020: The panel arrived in perfect condition yesterday. I had a chance to play with it today & give myself a treatment. HOLY COW!!!! I am in love and I know my clients will be too. Oh I can’t wait to reopen. Until then, I’ll have to take one for the team and treat myself. Thanks! I look forward to another tool I can use for years and years. Stay well, Alison

7/26/2020: Just wanted to shoot you a quick email telling you that I LOVE the LED panel! I used it last night and have a baby face today. It literally looks like I have a filter on it! I literally got complements all day on my skin! Bridgett

09/12/2020: I really love the equipment I purchased from you, especially the Illuminate panel and the hand held LED pieces also. I enjoy learning from you what’s new and different in Esthetic equipment. I feel I can trust your judgement in picking out and testing the products and even checking out the company thoroughly so I don’t have to do that. Speaking with you is a pleasure too. You are always smiling and happy and lively. Yes that comes through on the phone and also the videos that are great to learn from. Joan

10/24/2020: Thank you so much for the blue panel! I love it! Thank you so much! I’ve named my panels: Darth, Luke, and when I get the green one, it will be Yoda! Michele (Michele now has the red and the blue panel!)

03/19/2021: Wow 5 year warranty! I loved the panel before but now I really love it. What a good buy. Angela

04/12/2021: Arrived today.  Took it out of the box and plugged it in. It is very bright!!  After my vision came back, I tried the googles. We have several laser googles from many companies. Yours are the best! We also have a celluma and this one is way better quality. thanks! Helen

5/19/2021: I purchased your LED panel and I totally love it, so do my patients. As a Nurse Practitioner I am going to be building the medical director side of my business for aestheticians and nurses. I am going to start signing on aestheticians and I wanted to recommend your LED panel because it is so amazing. Nyeree

5/25/2021: Hey there, I received my new red LED panel! The company is wonderful, thank you so much for working with a great company and being an amazing woman! Michele

6/12/2021: I love the Illuminate panel- it makes so much sense as it’s easy to store in my small treatment room and with the short treatment time. It’s awesome! Caitlin