Illuminate LED Disks

250 LED’s in the green disk and 375 LED’s in the red disk. 4″ in diameter. 90 second spot treatment time. Four spots cover the whole face!

Available to licensed skin care professionals only. Apply for Professional Account under "PRO Account" tab.
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Illuminate’s LED Disks are 4” in diameter (that’s a big spot size!). The red disk has 375 LED’s. The green disk has 250 LED’s. That is an unheard of amount of LED’s in a hand held unit. The treatment time is 90 seconds per area. Four areas covers the whole face! Power: 200mw/cm2. This baby is powerful!

The red disk is deep red 660nm (the most studied wavelength for skin rejuvenation). Red is sufficient for anti-aging, pigmentation, acne scars and the redness left over from acne. It will also brighten and achieve some toning over time. In my experience red LED’s are the most beneficial for anti-aging.

The green disk is 520nm. I’ve been using green on acne for years. It penetrates deeper than blue which only gets the surface bacteria. There is a great article all about it. Here is an excerpt:

“Blue light cannot penetrate the skin effectively. The working depth of penetration of blue light at 420 nm is 0.25 mm (0.010”). The limited amount of blue light that reaches past the epidermis is quickly absorbed by the blood in the soret band. Blue light cannot reach the 1-4 mm depth of acne bacteria. Almost all of blue light at 420 nm is absorbed by chemicals in the epidermis and this light never makes it to the CP-III inside the bacteria.” More interesting LED info: Blue LEDs are typically said to be good to address acne. However blue led light has to be a specific wavelength, 415 nanometers to address acne bacteria. And even when it is 415 nano meters it only addresses one type of acne bacteria and this type is present in slightly less than 50% of people. Blue light from a computer screen is not at 415 nanometers. It is not a specific wavelength. Here’s the full article: The Real Skinny on Green Light Therapy

I recently read an article from Dermatology Times that made this quote: A new LED device, which combines green and red, as part of a photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatment, might be the most effective yet, according to Dr. Swan. “It was highly effective for even severe acne and that was not the case with the other devices,”.

Green has also been talked about for reducing pigmentation. I’ve read this statement in articles: The green light has a direct effect on melanocytes, which are the cells directly responsible for the production of melanin.

Here’s another great article on green LED:

I asked Illuminate’s developer to make me powerful hand held disks for those of you that aren’t ready for the full face panel. Well, he definitely delivered!

*My clients love it. The results is that the skin is better the next day after treatment especially the smaller bumps for those who suffer hormone acne’s. Easier than the handle blue lights bc it’s way faster treatment and covers bigger section of the face. Maria

*Zits literally implode after one treatment. I get 20$ for a 5 minute session. Patsy

*I am using the licorice serum on my hyperpigmentation spots and wow am I seeing a difference (I’m using your green light)! Lisa

*Hi Shelley, Seeing great results with the green light I purchased last month. Parents are asking for a take home version for their teenagers. Does that exist? Thank you! Kimberly (we’re working on it!!)

*I am having good results with the green. It has greatly reduced pigmentation on my face with the corium corrective product and my arms and my daughters wounded toe (1 yr old wound). Patty

*I ordered your green LED disk today! As soon as I saw it, I knew that was exactly what I’ve looking for. Although I have red/blue LED from Skin for Life, I stopped using them. I wanted a powerful LED for my clients who suffer with acne & hyperpigmentation. Perhaps, this wavelength may be more beneficial for eczema skin? Anyway, I’m very excited about this one. Keiko

*The LED Disks are the bomb. I am so glad I got them, they are perfect! Stephanie

*I wanted to follow up with you. I’ve been using the Green LED disk for more than 6 months and within a month I noticed improvement on hyper pigmentation and acne. Shanti

*I went to my parents since I’m not taking clients right now due to covid and my dad has really bad redness and rosacea so I used the green led and saw a result! It was his first facial so he has a long way to go but dang! Super happy to have these! Thanks again!! Bridgett

*I received my illuminate red disk yesterday and I’m so pleased with it and started using it last night. I would like to order another one in red please! Halie

*Hi Shelley! I got my lights and they are awesome! I am so excited. thank you for steering me in the right direction as always! Karen

*Hi Shelley, Holy wow, that Illuminate Red Disk is POWERFUL! I’m glad I have some eye protection goggles in the treatment room for myself. I turned it on after charging it at home and was super surprised how bright it is. Thank you again for getting it shipped to me quickly. I’m beyond excited to confidently use LED in my treatment room now. I can hardly wait for the Green Disk to arrive. Haley

*Hey Shelley! I purchased the Green Illuminate LED and I absolutely LOVE it!! Cathy

*I plan on purchasing the red disk at the end of the month! I love this green one!!!! Sue

I believe green will be effective on rosacea as well. Also do red for inflammation. Green first and then red.

Green has also been talked about for reducing pigmentation. I haven’t had much success in the past with green and pigmentation but perhaps this new powerful green disk will do the trick! I’ve read this statement in articles: The green light has a direct effect on melanocytes, which are the cells directly responsible for the production of melanin.

Cleanse, rinse and exfoliate before using the light. If using for acne do your extractions first. I like to apply product to the face before using the light. I feel like my results are much better.

Hold it close to the face. If you want to lay the disk against the face, use saran wrap for sanitary purposes and to protect your light from the product.

It’s just 90 seconds per area. The unit will turn itself off after 90 seconds. See manual for complete details.

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