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LING Energy Lift


Experience the amazing wellness benefits of Tourmaline gemstone

Uplifting Body, Face & Spirit ‘Science meets Total Wellness’

Energy Lift therapy utilizes Modern Science with Asian Holistic Wellness by effectively combining 4 healing methods in one:

1) Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) is healing energy from the sun without the harmful radiation.

2) Acupuncture without needles to stimulate meridian channels to increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and chi energy flow.

3) Negative Ions are the cleansing molecules of nature.

4) Heat Therapy (Moxibustion) without smell or smoke, traditional Asian health principle using localized heat therapy to relax our autonomic nerve system.

Included with the Ling Energy Lift are three backbar Ling products. Please feel free to inquire for more information. 

Tourmaline gemstone is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. It is one of only a handful of minerals that have the ability to emit negative ions and far- infrared rays.

Furthermore, tourmaline produces a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the nervous system, as well as the organs and tissues of the body. It has been shown as a useful aid for improving circulation, reducing stress, improving brain alertness, mood and activating the immune system.

LING has harnessed the powers of the Tourmaline gemstone! The LING Energy Lift system uses proprietary technology to energize the precious gemstone. When the Tourmaline gemstone is energized it emits powerful and healthy negative ions and far-infrared rays. Tourmaline is only one of a handful of stones with that ability. By applying this wonderful healing energy to the body and face at special acupoints, we unlock the full potential benefits. You will experience a one of a kind treatment that will uplift your face, body and spirit.

Far-Infrared Rays are invisible rays of energy vibration that have the unique ability to penetrate all layers of the human physical body, reaching the tissues and muscles. Far infrared ray energy is the same frequency as our body’s natural energy or ‘chi’, thus proper cellular function is activated.

FIR is neither heat nor hot rays, but warm vibration from solar energy. Conventional heat warms the air and only the surface of skin. However, FIR penetrates deep into our bodies and vibrates our water molecules, creating heat within.

Ever wonder why it feels so good to be exposed to sunshine? That is because living things require sunlight to grow and thrive. Far infrared light, is the safest segment of energy that comes from the sun, offering a wide array of therapeutic benefits for the face, body and overall sense of well-being.

Fact: In the 1960s, NASA research revealed that all living beings on Earth receive solar energy vibrations to sustain life. NASA confirmed that this range of vibration (8-14 microns) exists within the infrared spectrum (0.76 to 1,000 microns vibration), which is invisible to the human eye. This narrow range of FIR vibration is the only solar energy that promotes life. When the body receives FIR, our cells are activated because they are of the same frequency.

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