My Skin Buddy

Four proven anti-aging and acne technologies in one tool!

Available to licensed skin care professionals only. Apply for Professional Account under "PRO Account" tab.

We can drop ship to your clients for you!

Four proven Technologies:
Photon LED Anti-aging & acne (red, blue and green LED)
Ultrasonic Vibration to Stimulate
Negative Ion for Product Penetration
Positive Ion & Thermal Heat Therapy to Cleanse

Happiness guaranteed! Lifetime warranty.

Nominated for 2018 Dermascope’s
Aestheticians Choice Awards
Retails for $345

Boy do I have a story to tell you!! I recently made a major move of my home and business from Southern California to Northern California. I moved into the same community as my Brother and about 4 days before we arrived with the big moving van my Brother emailed me that he noticed a package on my door step and picked it up so no one would grab it. Thanks Bro!! I was not expecting any packages until we got a little more settled so I had no idea what this could be.

I had so much to do with unpacking and getting settled in that it was about two weeks before I actually opened it up. It said My Skin Buddy. I looked at it and thought “well isn’t that cute?” and I put it back in the box.

It sat for another 2 weeks before I decided to take it out and give it a try. First of all I was very impressed with the packaging and training materials inside. This My Skin Buddy company took some time and thought in creating this tool and packaging!!

I read through the instructions and started to play! Hmmm…I think I like this. It feels good in my hand. The size is perfect. I applied my cleanser, added a little water on top and then used the cleansing mode for about 3 minutes. I started rinsing my face and immediately felt the difference in my skin….smooth and really soft. Okay, now I’m intrigued! I then applied my Vitamin C+ Serum and Renewal Gel. I moved in circles around my face in ultrasound penetration mode with red LED for about 10 minutes. It felt good on my skin. I enjoyed the experience. My skin looked very nice when I finished but it was the next morning that really impressed me. It looked really really good! Super hydrated and my cheeks even looked a little tone!

I called the MSB company the next day and had a long conversation with the owner, Ghada. She had just gotten back from a trade show and where she sold out! I knew this toy was something special.

This is a tool that you will use in treatment with the idea of selling it to your clients for home use. I’ve said this many times but I’ll say it again….your clients are purchasing tools everywhere online nowadays. You may as well have something good to sell them so they won’t purchase elsewhere. This will also guarantee continued product sales to them!

When you order three or more, the company will post your contact info on their website as a distributor!! This is AWESOME!

*I’m excited to say that I need 5 more My Skin Buddys. Whoo Hoo! Thank you, Diane (she just ordered five 10 days ago!)

*Hi Shelley! I will be ordering 3 more…. pretty pretty neat device!! Thank you for all you do! Melissa

*I received MySkinBuddy a few days ago and just love it! Thank you! I purchased one for my salon and the other for home use. Love to try everything out myself. I have already seen a difference on my neck! Liz

*Sold the MSB I ordered on day one!! Brianna

*Shelley, I am loving my new skin buddy, actually amazing! I need two more if you can be so kind as to send me another paypal invoice for 2 more, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Kristine

*Yeah I’m kinda obsessed with this skin buddy!!! It’s amazing!!! I want 4 more! Latisha

*Dear Shelley, WOW what an incredible week this has been! The MSBs are flying out the door. It seems as though almost everyone I’ve used it on has purchased one, (as reflected by my multiple orders!! 18). I’m as thrilled as my clients by their results and can honestly say I’ve never seen or used anything that hydrates and plumps skin like this little gem does. What has me really impressed though, is it’s versatility. I’m using it with your Real Transformation Serum for my teens with acne. The results have been an immediate reduction in redness and inflammation, especially after extractions. (I had the Mother of a 15 year old come in the next day after her daughter’s appointment to purchase one) Mixing your OxyPro with RejuvaSea’s Firming Serum and your Vitamin C serum is the treatment that’s really unbelievable, resulting in the most beautifully hydrated glowing skin that has a cushy feel to it. As an Aesthetician these are the moments and the results you live for: A 15 year old with acne, looks in the mirror and smiles because her skin LOOKS better. And a 65 year old who gasps and says she can’t believe her eyes. I’ve had this now for a little over a week and I’m thinking I haven’t even really begun to explore the possibilities of what I can actually do cocktailing products with my MSB. It’s just very very exciting and takes skincare to a whole new level. Shelley what can I say, you’ve done it again! This one’s a game changer. THANK YOU! Love, Donna

*Hey Shelley, I would like to order 9 more of the My Skin Buddy devices. I’m loving he results I’m seeing. I was doing a peel on the very first client I used it on, and my Skin Scripts 10% TCA frosted after 1 layer. Not what I was expecting, but proof that everything penetrates better when the the skin is properly cleansed. Thanks for everything. Tata

*Hi Shelley! I can’t get over how awesome MySkinBuddy is!!! my skin looks and feels wonderful so firm and bouncy!!! yayyyyy I just love it, love it, love it … I have been using the enzyme peel with the cleansing mode and OMG, my skin is left feeling so soft and clean, kind of like after a facial (I need not tell clients that statement, LOL) and the serums penetrate that much better is like new skin under my fingers, don’t have the words to describe… I use Osmosis and already believe the products and delivery system in them is like no other but this amazing device just takes it to the next level and it’s like Osmosis on Steroids!!! woohooooo *:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck I thought to share with you*:) happy! Love, Melissa

Thank you Shelley!!!! I absolutely love the skin buddy. Angela

*Hi Shelley ~Thank you for the quick delivery of the MSB during the week. I finally got a chance to open it up, charge it up (which was fast) & use it on my skin. I have to say… First, the packaging is elegant. Second, the device is compact, extremely multi-functional and so easy to use! Third, my first try at it and my skin feels smooth, looks healthier AND looks lifted immediately! I am in love! Caroline

*Been using in treatment room and home for 1 1/2 weeks LOVE IT!! Majority of my business is teen acne. I have used on my children and have seen great results looking forward to selling to my clients. Nikki

*I just wanted to do a quick share. One of my clients is a very well-known actress. She calls me every few months and I recommend products to her. She purchased the Skin Buddy. She called me this afternoon to rave about it. She was complaining of loss of firmness in her neck and jaw line. She is 50. She says the Skin Buddy is making a remarkable difference and she hasn’t even used it yet to enhance her serum penetration. Whoot! Jeanna

*My Skin Buddy is helping the bursa on my ankle! Patty

*Shelley I love my Skin Buddy! I’ve used it twice. I am a very skeptical esthetician, and I’ve noticed the most luminous glow afterwards and more so in the morning. My coworker Audrey noticed instantly and plans to buy one too! Awesome gadget! Lindsay

Hi Shelley, I started using my skin buddy last night. I love how my skin feels. My client loved it as well! Joni

Hi Shelley, I am really enjoying the MSB both professionally and personally. I wanted to share little part of a discussion I had about it with a client who asked me where I heard about the tool.  I found myself trying to describe who you were to me and why I trusted your evaluations and information.  Finally I just said, “Shelley is like the fairy godmother of estheticians and we all love her…”   My client smiled and shook her head with the kind of understanding only an XX chromosomer would have.  It was too cute and so true, at least to me. Thank you for what you do and your dedication to us and to our art. Love you… and you don’t really even know me!  How great is that?!! Margaret