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Oxygen Infusion Machine

Price includes: The Oxygen 5 liter Concentrator with a PSI of 20 and oxygen level of 96%, Training Videos & Protocols. One Year Warranty (we’ve never had a unit malfunction!!), Tubing and Airgun. On Backorder. Please reach out to [email protected] for information regarding the expected shipment.

Oxygen Infusion is commonly called the “The Star Treatment” and it’s very popular. Use my Real Transformation OxyPro Infusion Serum for great results. Top it off with microcurrent and 10 minutes under a LED panel…..beautiful! It’s not about blowing air on someone’s face or even spraying product….there’s a technique to infusing the product that I will teach you!

6/2021: Here’s how I feel about oxygen infusion…..After over 20 years of offering this treatment, I still love it and so do my clients. Once they’ve experienced it, they will want it included in their treatment every month. It is a feel-good while it’s happening treatment and it’s an instant gratification treatment. However, I don’t believe there are any long-term extended results from it so I do not offer it in a series. It’s also very beneficial for your acne clients. The oxygen kills bacteria, so I like to use it after extractions with the oxygen alone, no product. This machine can definitely be a moneymaker for you!

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