Oxygen Infusion Machine

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Available to licensed skin care professionals only. Apply for Professional Account under "PRO Account" tab.

We’ve dropped the price by $300!! Price includes: The Oxygen 5 liter Concentrator with a PSI of 20 and oxygen level of 96%, One bottle of OxyPro Serum for treatment. Training Videos & Protocols. One Year Warranty.

Price does not include tubing and air gun. We’ve found that you can get these cheaper online than we can get them for unless we purchase huge quantities. It also does not include the exfoliating tis you see in the video. Unfortunately we’re having troubles getting pieces to make them. 🙁

This is the air gun and hose we recommend.:
Iwata NEO-Gravity-Feed-Action-Airbrush Air Gun on Amazon. $60.55. See picture in gallery.
10″ Braided Air Hose at Hobby Lobby (https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Model-Kits/Airbrushes/10-Braided-Air-Hose/p/838) $29.99

Oxygen Infusion is commonly called the “The Star Treatment” and it’s very popular. Use my Real Transformation OxyPro Infusion Serum for great results. Top it off with microcurrent and 10 minutes under a LED panel…..beautiful! It’s not about blowing air on someone’s face or even spraying product….there’s a technique to infusing the product that I will teach you!

6/2021: Here’s how I feel about oxygen infusion…..After over 20 years of offering this treatment, I still love it and so do my clients. Once they’ve experience it, they will want it included in their treatment every month. It is a feel good while it’s happening treatment and it’s an instant gratification treatment. However, I don’t believe there are any long term extended results from it so I do no offer it in a series. It’s also very beneficial for your acne clients. The oxygen kills bacteria, so I like to use it after extractions with the oxygen alone, no product. This machine can definitely be a money maker for you!

12/11/2010: About 13 years ago I had an oxygen treatment from an Esty that was renting a room in my Day Spa. I was so totally unimpressed with how the treatment felt (a stream of air flowing on my face for about 30 long minutes) and the results (none!) that I never gave oxygen treatments another thought. If I saw something about it in a magazine, I’d quickly turn to the next page. Same thing if I saw it at a tradeshow, I’d quickly move on to the next booth. But lately I have been hearing quite a bit of buzz about this oxygen infusion treatment. We’ve all heard that Madonna swears by them. She has an Esthetician that travels with her to give her these treatments quite regularly! I just figured that this had to be Hollywood hype. Because of what I’m creating here at my Center and with my mentoring Estheticians, I felt that it was my duty to at least check it out and not stay stuck on biased conclusion from that first treatment. So, I emailed the company asking for information. A couple of days later I received a phone call from their Northern California representative. We set up a demo appointment for the following week. I have to tell you that I had a bit of an attitude about receiving this demo. I was absolutely sure that I wasn’t going to like this treatment. I was very nice to the rep though and she never even suspected that I had an attitude problem.

But let me tell you this…she was about to give me an attitude adjustment, big time! First, she told me about the company and thoroughly explained the technology to me in a way that was very easy to comprehend. Then we started the treatment and I was immediately thrown aback. This didn’t feel anything like the treatment I had 13 years ago…not even close. Yes, there was air, but it was applied with much more intense pressure than I had experienced before and there was also the hyaluronic acid serum being infused at the same time. It felt fabulous! At that moment I realized that not all oxygen treatments are created equal! She did half of my face and then had me sit up and look in the mirror. Wow. That’s all I could say, I was so shocked and thrilled by what I saw. I was not expecting to see any changes but there was a very visible difference between the two sides of my face. Okay let’s move on to the other side of my face, please!

I could now feel the excitement starting to build up in my stomach. That’s the way I feel when I’m about to get involved with something awesome.

I purchased it!

The next week I did a special event at my Center. I booked 10 clients to receive a treatment. The rep and I

set it up as a tag team. I cleansed and exfoliated and then sent them over to her for the oxygen infusion. She explained the treatment to my clients and I listened and watched all day long. I learned a lot! To make a long story a bit shorter…9 of the 10 clients paid for a series of treatments after seeing their results and I made enough yesterday to pay off the equipment! Whoohoo…I love that story!

12/18/2010: I’ve had my machine for a couple of days now and I’m doing treatments like crazy!! There is definitely a learning curve to getting the technique down properly, but I’m loving it and so are my clients! I did an Opulence brightening treatment on a pregnant client this morning. She looked fabulous when she left! It’s wonderful that this treatment can be done on pregnant women because our options for treatment get pretty slim once their pregnant. I had a cancellation yesterday afternoon so I snuck in a treatment on myself. My skin looks and feels fabulous today!! 12/29/2010: This has been the busiest holiday season in my career and it’s because of this treatment. A gal came in for LHE hair removal on her lip the other day. Besides the hair, she is concerned about the wrinkles. I did a quick oxygen infusion on her lip and she loved it. She’s coming in today for her first full face treatment. She

had only been a hair removal client and now because of this treatment, she’s become a facial client. I did a client’s hands the other day and boy did they look great. I’m going to put treatments on my menu for just hands and also for lips. There are so many women concerned about the lines around their lips and/or plumping up their lips. You can really plump lips up, it looks like they’ve had filler….I’m kinda hooked on doing it on myself!

2/24/2011: I’m still absolutely loving this treatment. My clients are hooked. They’ve pretty much all finished their series of 6 treatments and now they’ve added this into their monthly maintenance.

4/05/2011: Nothing new to report except that I still love this treatment. I’m still doing a lot of them and my clients are still loving their results. I can’t imagine not offering this treatment among my arsenal of anti-aging tricks up my sleeve!

7/26/2020: Yep, still lovin’ this treatment!

*Hi Shelly, I just want to let you know that your Oxygen Infusion Machine has changed my entire skin care practice. I bought it at the beginning of 4th quarter last year. In 10 years of working for myself I have never earned so much money in one quarter. My tax bill was a staggering shock in April… Easy to perform with results that always WOW this treatment has been so incredibly profitable. I charge $150 for a 30 minute session and $100 added to a facial. Most clients signed up for a 6 week series after their first treatment. I never discount and this treatment sells itself. My dehydrated clients leave glowing. The biggest surprise involved two clients whose acne cleared with a series and then a monthly appointment. I love offering such great results. Thank you for offering such an amazing piece of equipment. Heather

*Hi Shelley, I am LOVING the oxygen infusion. It’s so easy to sell the service after you do it once. Heather (this came in 2 weeks after her first email below!)

*Hi Shelley, Just wanted to let you know that of all the equipment I’ve purchased as an esthetician the oxygen machine is by far the best. The results are spectacular, the cost per treatment is low and ergonomically it is the easiest and most fun treatment I’ve ever provided. Also, your service and assistance is the best there is. Many thanks! Heather

*Hi Shelley, So happy to have the machine. Thanks for all your help and support. I did a peel and then the infusion on myself and it looks amazing! Heather

*I absolutely love my oxygen infusion. ..I have treated myself and a few friends to get the hang of holding the hand piece and their skin was phenomenal! She has texted me for the last few days saying how beautiful she felt and loves her skin. Thank you thank you! In His Grip, Lori

*I am so thankful that I bought the oxygen machine and got the training from you, I’m still learning the art of doing it, just as you have shown me. My clients love it, I have clients who are even coming every 2 weeks to get the oxygen facial. Warm regards, Christine

*I am in love with the oxygen infusion machine!! Thank you SOOOO much. Jamie

*Hi Shelley,
Thank You so much for the Oxygen treatment yesterday!!! Feel free to pass this on to any Estheticians who might be contemplating buying this machine!!

*I have been a practicing Esthetician in the bay area for 17 years. I tend to keep this simple and have managed to be quite successful doing it that way. Lately I was feeling bored and not satisfied with what I had to offer my long time clients. The search began…I tend to be a bit of a skeptic and definitely like to keep things realistic with my clients, but more importantly know my boundaries on an esthetic level. I pride myself in giving clients results oriented facial treatments and it seems to me that a lot of the equipment I looked at was either the equivalent of buying a car or just a bunch of smoke & mirrors. If you are hesitating for any reason, take it from me, call her immediately!!! Your business will never be the same. I also recently received an Oxygen treatment from Shelley. Again, I didn’t expect to see much. I do a lot to my own skin and obviously know my own skin well. I was literally blown away, hands down my skin has NEVER looked this good! And I feel like I have had every type of facial treatment under the sun. Thanks again so much Shelley!!! LP in San Carlos California

*Hi Shelley…I’m doing well and actually busy with an increase in appointments since I introduced the Oxygen Infusion Treatment to my clients. I’m so satisfied with the results and my clients notice a difference immediately. I took your advice and offered it as an add on to my facials for $50, which has been well received. If you infusion on the neck and decollete, would $25 be a good price? Thanks Virginia in Illinois

*Hi Shelley, I LOVE LOVE your serum. Even the gal who did NOT like the infusion process said she was impressed, very happy with the results and she will try another infusion! Thanks Phyllis in Southern California

*Hello Shelley!! The machine penetrates the O2 serum at the perfect pressure that is not uncomfortable for my client. My clients have been commenting on how tight their skin looks and feels and their pore size appears smaller. I am also using your OxyPro Infusion Serum and I must say that your serum is the best that I have used. I have tried just about every product on the market. Thank you for having the foresight to develop this product! Jessica in Clive Iowa

*Just wanted to let you know that my skin has looks great since my oxygen treatment on Thursday! I was having a bit of breakouts and they are long gone…..I’m giving the oxygen full credit. =) Kristen came in for a demo!!

*Hi Shelley,
I ended up purchasing the Intraceuticals unit, but wish I had bought yours instead. Your price point was much better and the machine looks exactly the same. I also prefer your OxyPro Serum to the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Serum. Also, I noticed you have another serum for oily skin. I would like to order one of those. Should I do that via your website. Thanks L

*Good evening, Shelley! Hope you are well. It’s been a crazy month since I received my Oxygen machine. I have been getting myself acclimated…practicing on my VIP clients and we are astounded:)!!! I am in LOVE with this machine and what is doing for my guests and of course, what is doing for my business;)! I hadn’t touched base with you in awhile, I know. Thought you would be happy to hear I am so ecstatic about this machine and the oxygen pro serum. Love love love both and I am just so excited to finally be offering this service to my clients! Thanks for all your assistance.

*I did couple oxygen facials : love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!! Machine excellent, facial relaxing, skin look plumped, fresh, vibrant. Clients like it a lot. Thank you very, very much again. Can’t wait getting new toys from you and LED when you ready. I’m very lucky meeting you, you’re such a treasure! Sorry my English not good, stay second languish yet. Best wishes. Katya.

*Hi, having a blast with my oxygen machine! Rachel

*Loving my Oxygen Machine……Julie

*Aloha Shelley I got my machine two days ago and so excited to get my hands on it haha. I turned it on and already love the sound so much better than the others I have had. You are the Best Sister. Lea in Hawaii

*Hi Shelley!! I wanted to tell you I’m so happy with the oxygen machine and your serum. The skin plumps up right in front of my eyes. I love it. Live Beautifully, Sabrina

*I’m just about to launch my Oxygen Infusion Treatment to my client list. I’m so excited! I love the machine so much and the results are truly amazing. Kristin

An oxygen facial immediately revitalizes your skin and hides even the tiniest imperfections. It has exploded onto the beauty scene largely due to its instant results, characterized by hydrating and smoothing and plumping of the skin’s surface. Oxygen is sprayed at a high pressure directly to the skin’s surface. A serum containing active ingredients (nutrients and vitamins) are atomized and delivered through a soothing mist and then infused (pushed) into the skin. The oxygen acts as a catalyst that opens up the skin’s pores to allow increased absorption of these active ingredients. What’s the best part? The results are immediate! It’s instant gratification!

Oxidation of the skin is a process in which exposure to environmental assaults like sunlight, UV rays, and toxins cause rapid production of oxidants or free radicals in our bodies. Excessive amounts of these can actually damage tissue and cause wrinkles and advanced aging of the skin. By treating the skin with pure oxygen, you are restoring the nourishing elements that are not available in our environment as we know it. In the sterilized and controlled environment of the spa, we are able to provide the pure oxygen benefits to slow signs of aging and create healthier, more radiant skin. The oxygen that we are exposed to in the environment is constantly contaminated by free radicals, UV rays, and other pollutants, which essentially makes it toxic for our skin. What oxygen facials do is take oxygen in its purest state and apply it to the skin.