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What makes OxyGeneo™ the new super-facial? Get the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. OxyGeneo™ treatments are suitable for all skin types – any ethnicity and pigmentation, sensitive skin, and even for those who keloid (scar) and couldn’t otherwise have abrasive treatments.

3/27/2014: Two days ago Moshe, the VP from Pollogen flew out here from Israel to give me a demo of the OxyGeneo equipment. I was so hoping this would be something different and exciting and it did not disappoint!! After spending time explaining the technology, I was given a treatment. Moshe….you missed your calling. You did a great job! The treatment is quick (you can book it for a 45 minute session) and your skin feels and looks fabulous at the end. No down time. That evening my husband commented that my eyes looked smoother and tighter. Then the next morning he mentioned again how good my skin looked. These were unsolicited compliments, which are the best kind! Now two days later it still feels tight and moist. I am super excited to start offering this treatment to our clients! This is fairly new technology to the United States you guys! I’m so happy to be getting in on the ground floor of this exciting new treatment. The consumables are $17 per treatment. You receive product for 48 treatments in your opening package. We will be charging $150 for a 45 minute session. We’ll make $7200 right away. The ROI is fantastic! The series is once a week for six weeks. They will of course get a discount for purchasing the whole series at once. We have clients lined up next week to get started on the series. I’ll keep you updated on the results and how quickly we pay off the equipment and begin making an income!

This could be a game changer for your business…seriously! One Esthetician that I sold the OxyGeneo to made over $50,000 in the first 6 months. She works by herself in a small hair salon and it’s not in a particularly high end neighborhood. The treatment is so unique that your clients will want to tell their friends about their experience. There is no other piece of equipment in our industry that compares to this! 4/19/2015: Here’s a quote I read on OxyGeneo’s facebook page from someone that had the treatment “When the beads of the gel react to the machine’s capsule, it creates a warm tingly sensation. It’s almost as if you can feel the oxygen-rich blood cells rise to the surface of the skin and cleanse your pores.” Said perfectly!

Hi Shelley. I am writing to let you know how incredibly thrilled I am with my new OxyGeneo machine! It is such a game changer for my skin, for my clients’ skin and especially for my business. I feel a new enthusiasm and passion with the capacity I now have with my new OxyGeneo. As always, through several years and lots of “toys”, your recommendations are the best and I credit much of business success to your stellar advice. Thank you!!!!!! Sharla

Hi Shelley, I’m slamming busy this week with my new Oxygeneo machine!!
Karen :-))

Thanks to you and my new OxyGeneo™. Words cannot express how much I love the machine and the treatment I’ve created, the results I get and everything…Emily
Well the OxyGeneo is a hit with your regular clients.  I gave one to Leslie E. and Dana V.  Dana texted me today said “my pores have never been this small for 20yrs!”. (this email came from the esthetician at my Spa in Northern California!)

It’s one week later and my skin still feels great! (this is from an Estys we did a demo on).

What’s so amazing about this treatment is that not only do you feel like your face is incredibly clean – but the next day your face looks GREAT. I don’t need makeup today or anything other than my SPF. MJ (client at my San Carlos Spa)

Thank you so much for coming out. It was great to meet you in person. The training was very informative and going to make my treatments more productive with better results. I love learning new things and I really like how your Oxygeno protocol. My niece sent me a text this morning saying her skin felt amazing and looked great. Just wanted to let you know that I also appreciate the wisdom and advice you passed along. That is priceless. My confidence has taken a beating lately so it was helpful to hear your perspective on things. Sincerely, Suzanne