To order, go to Get 5 extra tips: Simply put Shelley Hancock as sales rep and +5perSH in the “note” box!

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Rezenerate Nano Facial

Rezenerate has revolutionized cosmetic facials with the development of its REZENERATE NANOFACIAL!

The new REZENERATE FACIAL MODALITY is the culmination of a decade’s worth of research and collaboration between Nanophysicists and Bioscientists to create a cutting-edge system that achieves the results of more invasive skincare modalities WITHOUT the pain, downtime, and other negatives often associated with them.

There is no comparison or substitute as Rezenerate has developed the original and ONLY verified NANO-TECHNOLOGY system for esthetic enhancement on the market! By incorporating its core concepts of PRODUCT NEUTRALITY and MODALITY NEUTRALITY REZENERATE is changing the skin care industry…one facial at a time!

  • Safe for estheticians, nurses and other skin care professionals.
  • Minimal Investment,
  • Low Cost per treatment and High ROI.
  • Great for all Global skin types/Fitzpatrick levels.
  • Results are Comparable to more invasive medical procedures.
  • Product and modality neutral – Works great with a variety of tools and products.
  • Todays modern day alternative to painful microneedling.

To order, go to Get 5 extra tips: Simply put Shelley Hancock as sales rep and +5perSH in the “note” box!

When you order the Rezenerate using Shelley as your sales rep and trainer, you will receive a FREE QÚL 10-Day Experience Kit that includes a trial size of every QÚL Beauty and Wellness product that will last you up to 10 days.  Equipment price when working with Shelley is the same as pricing with Rezenerate. She does not raise the price! Orders need to be placed on the Rezenerate website. Please put Shelley Hancock in the space for the sales rep and put +5perSH in the “note” box to get 5 extra tips for FREE! Then forward her the email receipt you receokive from Rezenerate and she’ll ship your FREE products. Shelley will be your “go to” person for any Rezenerate questions or issues.

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