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The Curve

Using four innovative and effective techniques that stand for rejuvenation of the skin, optimal shaping of the body and a significant reduction of cellulite.

The RF creates heat which liquefies the unwanted fat and it also stimulates collagen to tighten the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The biomechanical vibrations improve tone, stimulates muscle and tissue fiber, speeds up dispersion of fat cells and boosts elimination of toxins.

Selective heating of fat cells and collagen fibers.

Vibrates tissue to measurably increase cell activity which causes collagen formation to

Warming effect on tissue that increases blood circulation and triggers the healing
process. The red light stimulates the metabolism and the removal of toxins and
undesirable metabolic deposits.

Sends gentle vibrations that stimulate muscles. The effects are particularly beneficial
for speeding up metabolism by improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the
tissue for smooth healthy skin. This is the mode that I feel induces the toning!

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