The Eye Rejuvenator

**Thanksgiving Special** Eye Rejuvenator Bundle

Two popular eye products from our classic line packed in a cool PU leather bag paired with an Eye Rejuvenator.

Eye Products: Advanced Hydro Lift Cream (50ml) & Drainactive Eye Fluid (15ml)


Available to licensed skin care professionals only. Apply for Professional Account under "PRO Account" tab.
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Holiday Special While Supplies Last!! One Eye Rejuvenator and Two Eye Serums!

3MHz Microcurrent with Yummy Heat! Help your clients awaken tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark under eye circles with safe, relaxing, and quick & easy microcurrent treatments. Use around lips as well! The Eye Rejuvenator uses scientifically proven microcurrent technology to increase oxygen and blood circulation and to improve the fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production to the delicate eye area while also increasing product permeability of eye creams and serums to further enhance their effectiveness.

While microcurrent technology alone can produce some heat, our product has a titanium block that heats up as the current travels through it. It will heat up to body temperature (98 degrees) right under the round tip.

Retail for $190.

To learn more, watch this video.

Thank you to the Esthetician that introduced me to this great tool! She purchased it at the Long Beach Show in 2016 and loved it so much she thought I may want to spread the word. I called the company back in explained who I was and what I did…they sent me one and yes, it is AWESOME!! The interest was so huge at that Show that they actually sold out, which was something they had not anticipated. To me that was a great sign!!
*I actually wish they had named it something other than Eye Rejuvenator though, because I’ve been using it around my lips with RejuvaSea’s Firming Serum and I swear my top lip is plumper! I’m using it on my clients in treatment and it’s an instant sell!! It feels really good. It’s warm and relaxing. I do both their eyes and their lips in treatment.


*LOVE the Eye Rejuvenator. Will be ordering more soon. Thanks a millio Krissy.

Funny story on the rejuvenator, went on a trip, left it out in the hotel room, am sure that Housekeeping thought it was something else as they wrapped it up and put it in the drawer next to the bed. After that funny story, and the questions from my clients when they see it on my counter, a few are requesting my sex toys that take away their wrinkles. I need 5 more, hoping they are in stock. (I ask if I could post this and here’s the answer): Shelley, you sure can, it’s a true story, and we know it does look rather suspicious, but great on wrinkles and tightening the skin, I have been using it on my turkey gobbler chin and seeing a nice difference. Thanks again for taking good care of us with all of the new things.

This feedback is from the Esty that introduced me to the Eye Rejuvenator: I bought the eye rejuv in September at the skin care show. I love it and so do my clients! I have sold close to 50 of them. At the end of every facial I will use it on one eye, show them the difference with a mirror, then do the other eye. It’s warm and wonderful and they love it. If they haven’t bought it yet they are thinking of it. If they have sinus issues I will do some drainage over their mask. It feels good, helps drain and forces the mask in a little more in that area. Sometimes also over the mask I will use it around the lip area and use it around the folds with pressure points. Great results!! Some of my clients use this nightly while watching tv or have it next to their bed. 5 min that’s all you need. Others use it now as a 5 min routine in the a.m. or a pick me up before they go out !! Mary Ruth

Hi Shelley, I wanted to tell you how great the eye rejuvenator is. Compared to the opal by clairasonic this way out beats it including the price. The opal is $185 and just vibrates, the eye rejuvenator you are getting so much more and it feels amazing after I’ve used it. Great Find. Lori

Hi Shelley! I have been using my E.R. for 3 days and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And so have the few clients I have used it on so far! I may be ordering more soon! Pat

Thanks Shelley!!! 3 are sold, what a fun new toy. I was thinking we need a little padded zipper bag for a case. For now, clients don’t care and tell me they already have something that will work. The perfect bag will appear! xoox Marguerite

Shelley, I too have fallen under the spell of the eye rejuvenater along with a few of my clients. Hoping you have them in stock. I need 4 more, you should have my credit card, but, if not, just call please and I will give it to you. If they are out of stock, please let me know when I can tell my clients they can expect them. Should have believed you as to how great they were and ordered more when I got the first one. Thank you, Pat B

Shelley, I know I ordered 5 Eye rejuvenators before, but, I have clients mad at me for not ordering enough, so, can we change my order from 5 to 10? To keep from having these charming ladies from hanging me from the highest tree. Just when ever you get your order in please,…mentioned before, am using it on my “gobbler neck” really making a difference. Thank you so much. Pat (again!)

Hi Shelley,
Can’t believe how fast we sold these! This tool is a winner!! Yes to keeping them in retail boxes. Thank you, Julene (she ordered four on 3/31 and placed another order for four more on 4/12!!!)

Thanks for getting the Eye Rejuvenators out so quickly! I absolutely love this device. Maria

I love this little device. So well made! The heat combined with the microcurrent is so soothing to the eye area and it really helps to penetrate any eye serum…I’ve noticed a deep line I have on both my upper lids is diminishing, so needless to say, I am thrilled!  So easy and quick to use! Nicky

Saw two clients today. One has a heavy lid. I ended the facial saying this is my treat for Mother’s Day. I put your eye gel on and used the eye rejuvenator and wow the lift was substantial. She bought a eye rejuvenator. I just sent her an email that she might need your eye gel.  2nd gal has horrible dark circles. She says nothing helps. I said this is a gift for Mother’s Day. Used eye gel first then eye rejuvenator. The pigment almost disappeared. Terre

Hi Shelley! I purchased 2 eye rejuvenators awhile back and use it in every facial treatment I give, my clients melt when I use it around their eyes! I also have one for myself and love it! Ann
Hi Shelley, I purchased the Eye Rejuvinator when you generously made it available at a special price for your birthday. When you asked how many I wanted to order I should have listened to my gut and ordered a few because the first person I used it on wants to buy one! I just placed another order and I’m sure I’ll be getting more in the future. I just wanted to share the fantastic results I had after just one use on a client. Thanks Again, Katherine
LET ME TELL YOU how magical the MBK Eye Rejuvenator is!  Firstly, I bought it for myself.  I’m an esthetician and I don’t have my own spot yet.  The past 4-years I’ve experienced a little bit of sagging eyelids.  Not enough for anyone else to notice, but trust me, I NOTICE.  This “aging” nonsense is for the birds!  I won’t have it!  I’ve had botox brow lifts to help with this, but I haven’t gotten any botox in over a year because I moved out-of-state and I am super picky.  I bought this because I do know that microcurrent works and in the video where you suggested to use it for 1-minute per eye 2x/day, I said to myself, I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT!  I may be an esthetician, but I’m human… I get tired and most nights, I just want to cleanse/treat/moisturize and be done with it.  After 2-days of using this, I was in shock at how well it worked and how fast!  This is the greatest $100 I ever spent!  Honestly, I feel as though the results from it are greater than the botox brow lifts I’ve had.  I WISH I TOOK A BEFORE PHOTO!  Whenever I get my own business going, I will be buying these babies in bulk to retail!  Don’t stop selling them, EVER!  Tell MBK, don’t stop making them lol.  Thanks again, for your excellent customer service and advice as always. Best, Natasha
The eye rejuvenator is one the most perfect little effective tools! ❤️ Jessica

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