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Seeing Positive/Negative Thought Patterns Through Energy Drawings (1-11-16)

LipoBelt: The Making of a Successful Business (2-8-16)

Body Language Confidence (2-15-16)

Re-Inventing Yourself (By Driven Esthetician) (2-29-16)

Things I Have Learned Along The Way (3-21-16)

What Are Human Growth Factors and Where Do They Come From (4-11-16)

What Every Esthetician Needs To Know About The Law of Attraction (4-25-16)

Rezenerate: The Future of Beauty (6-16-16)

Change Your Brain. Change Your Life. (6-13-16)

Rockstone Consulting Talks Client Retention (6-20-16)

3 Keys For Moving Beyond Stuck-Ness (6-27-16)

How Sugar Affects Your Brain (7-11-16)

Fitness, Fat Cells and Feeling Fabulous In Your Fifties (7-18-16)


Who is Shelley Hancock? (6-15-15)

Cutting Edge Anti-Facial Treatments (6-22-15)

Stop Making Excuses, Start Succeeding (6-29-15)

Learn To Have Charisma (7-06-15)

Fail Safe Strategies to Keep Clients Coming Back (07-13-15)

NEOVA Takes Takes Photo-Damage and Photo-Aging Repair Head-On (07-13-15)

The Basics of Oncology Esthetics (07-20-15)

A Physician Shares Common Myths About Botox And Fillers (08-13-15)

Successful Women Think Differently (8-31-15)

TAMA BlueOnyx | New Times Call for New Solutions and Methods (08-17-15)

Ingredients That Are The Magic Bullet for Great Skin (08-10-15)

Why Your Marketing Is Not Working And What You Can Do About It (08-24-15)

Collagen Killers: What Damages Collagen and Healthy Cells (09-14-15)

Keeping Momentum In Face of Adversity (09-28-15)

Maximize Your Business Potential (09-21-15)

Feng Shui 101 For Business (10-05-15)

My Favorite Food For Thoughts (10-26-15)

Real Good Homecare, Real Good Skin, Real Loyal Clients, Real Strong Profits (10-12-15)

You Have 2 Seconds To Make An Impression With Your Voice (11-23-15)

Building Your Authentic Voice Part 2 (11-30-15)

Discover Your Soul Signature (11-16-15)

Lightstim Talks LED Light Therapy (12-14-15)

RejuvaSea: Dive Into Anti-Oxidant Skin Care (12-21-15)

‘Tis The Season For Chemical Peels (12-28-15)