What Esty’s Are Saying About Shelley

Thanks always for everything Shelley. My association with you has really raised the bar on the calibar of our services and what we offer. Clients think I’m cutting edge and much of it is because YOU ARE!! Love you and appreciate you, Marguerite

Thank you for continuing to find and search out amazing toys and products for us…you are the best! Cindy

I love your videos and your upbeat attitude. So happy to be learning more from you. Thanks for helping other Estys. Have a great day. Leanne

I love all of the equipment I have purchased from you and use it in my treatments daily. I have Esthetician friends that have loved them so much I encouraged them to order them from you and use in their treatment rooms. Soon I hope to have more money to purchase the larger equipment you offer. Thank you so much for your advice on your website, radio show, and YouTube. I have learned so much from you. You are very inspirational and I hope that one day I too can know as much to inspire other Esthetician’s! Sincerely, Gretchen

You are the BEST Shelley, Thanks for always being consistently awesome. Never change💕💕💕 Molly

Dear Shelley, again and again thank you so much for You. Constantly I am listening to your radio shows and I read few books that you recommended. What a great change! You’ve been just a blessing to me and I feel like I am under your wing. You are helping me on my bumpy road. Can I buy your energy and your confidence?!? Olesya

I love to follow you and I always keep updated on what you are doing. I have emailed you once before and I have connected with you on Facebook. I love your radio shows and admire you greatly. I think you are probably the only person I can trust when it comes to information on what is out there for us Estheticians. Love Kim

I just want to say I love your emails and reading up on latest trends, it’s amazing how much you give of yourself to all us esthys. Just want to say thank you for all you do. Have a fantastic day. Alicia (I emailed her info about a paramedical workshop with Michelle Phelan)

Your expertise and educational videos are so inspiring, you are a great role model! I appreciate your tips and will let you know how it goes! Thanks, Manaar

I love my ultrasonic spatula and high frequency machine. I just booked a couple of new clients. I am always going on your website to find out about your new gadgets. It makes me feel confident about my new services. I used it on myself. Excellent results!! thanks again- Sandra

I think eventually i will have to have you to send me everything automatically in the future lol… everything you have i want 🙂 Julian

I appreciate you! I love your tutorials,tools, and your joy and desire to help other Aestheticians!! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and inspiring!  Sincerely, Kimberley

The official announcement will go out next Wednesday but I couldn’t wait to share the news with you that I won Best of the Bay, Best Skincare Specialist of 2016! You have been such a crucial part of my team I have to thank you for absolutely everything you do and everything you share and for constantly seeking out and finding the newest and the best in skincare. I honestly would never have been able to do this with out you. There were 85 people nominated in this category and all of the Biggest Med Spa’s in the entire Bay Area were represented. Big ginormous hug to you!!!! Much love Donna

My esthetician mentioned you while I was getting a facial this week. She started explaining about how she decided to get a new machine and how there’s this esthetician who is the guru of all Estheticians, you, and how you are looked up to worldwide by others. I told her how we had spoken and wanted to pass on to you how much you are adored by so many! Thanks for all you do. 💜 Wishing you well and have a great weekend! Janna (Janna is an author and we chatted about her being on my radio show. How cool is it that her Esty knows me!)

We were really pleased with our training. You were so patient with us and we appreciate it. We can’t wait to get our products!