Shelley’s Show & Tell Audio Snippets

Learn exciting new esthetic topics, ranging from the new and latest equipment, skin care products, business building techniques and valuable life lessons. Check back regularly as new topics will be added often.

Thank you for your support, Shelley!! I took the leap of faith and quit my job today 😬 EEEKKK!!! I’m so excited and nervous but I know I can do it!! Let the adventure begin❤️ PS…..Loved you’re audio! It really helped. I’m really old school about staying long term at jobs but listening to you made me realize it’s okay to move onto another opportunity. That’s how we grow. I’m letting the universe know I’m ready to grow and receive all that is good.


Introduction Audio Snippet

Shelley introduces herself and shares a few “food for thought” sayings that have impacted her life – both business and personal.

10.37 Minutes

Creating Business Success

Shelley shares how she created a successful skin care business by leaping through the fear when scary business opportunities presented themselves.

32 minutes

Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

Shelley shares things she learned along the way in growing a successful esthetic business. She purchased her first skin care center in1990 with absolutely no business background.

36.12 minutes

Cutting Edge Esthetic Equipment

Shelley shares information about cutting edge esthetic modalities and how by offering these modalities in treatment you can take your business to the next level.

35.38 Minutes

Wow! I was listening to Leap into Esthetic Success Audio. It was so motivating and inspiring . I giggled because I can relate to Shelley’s real life stories. I can’t wait to see all Shelley’s presentations and talks. Shelley, the world of beauty needs you! 


Your snippets are so encouraging. They addressed a lot of emotions and frustrations that many newbies experience. Positive thinking projects a positive attitude which leads to positive results. Thank you for the reminder.