Loving my new TnT Solution! I just finished a treatment on a client and she booked to come back for the next 2 weeks. Here’s what I did: cleanse and took off  the cleanser with the Ultrasonic Spatula. Applied TnT Solution and put her under the Illuminate LED panel for 5 minutes. Then I soaked a Corium Corrective Lace Compression Mask in their Growth Factor Serum. I drove that product in with the Ultrasonic Spatula. Took the Lace Mask off. Applied LING Oxygen Plasma Glow and used the 20Hz Pro (you can use a spatula, my skin buddy, nanoskin pro, curve) for 10 minutes. Used cold globes over the top (just because it feels soooo good!). Five more minutes under the LED panel, sunscreen and off she went.

For the next two weeks we’re doing a quickie treatment. Cleanse, apply TnT, five minutes under the panel, sunscreen. I’m only charging her $30 for this quick treatment because I want to get her addicted to doing this on a regular basis. This is a 15 minute appointment. Can you imagine if we had even 10 clients a week doing this. That’s $300 extra dollars a week for very little work!!

See  moreinstructions on the TnT page:

Shelley’s TnT Solution