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360 Toner

The 360-Toner utilizes RF and EMS nanocurrent along with a 360-degree rotating handpiece that offers a unique massage function to maximize treatment results.

RF energy and EMS nanocurrent are both beneficial in facial toning. Include blue LED, the add in the 360-degree rotating handpiece for circulation and stimulation and you have a winning combination!

RF frequency is 1MHz, voltage is 18-24W.

EMS energy is 350μA, power is 18-24W.

This is the newest treatment technique available to effectively tighten sagging skin, smooth wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity and brighten skin tone.

Please Note: You are responsible for knowing your own State Board requirements.

  • Unique patented roll RF handset design.
  • Shock-free, less labor-consuming radio frequency.
  • Automatic rolling balls are super comfortable.
  • Rolling massage and heat conduct.
  • Three output channels cover all body parts.
  • Combine with light therapy, LED light works with RF together
  • Tighten skin, skin lifting, anti-aging, skin whitening
  • Tighten skin, increase skin elasticity, improve wrinkles
  • Light therapy
  • Stretch stiff muscles, may relieve pain
  • Stimulate lymphatic blood vessels, remove unwanted fat and toxin from body
  • Activate collagen tissue, reduce cellulite

Radio Frequency Vacuum treatment is designed to remove body fats in a very targeted way. It is pain-free, completely safe, carries no unpleasant side effects, and totally non-invasive. A hand-held probe pulls the fat tissue into the suction cup while the radio frequency wave hits the fat cell and causes the walls to become weak and the contents to become liquid and be eliminated by the body. Other than reducing pockets of stubborn fat, radio frequency wave encourages the body to produce new collagen which has the effect of tightening and toning the skin and improving its texture. Radio Frequency Vacuum is one of the treatments for cellulite reduction. LED light function: after the negative pressure and LED light is absorbed by the skin, it activates the deep cells to make the skin better metabolize and synthesize. Sunlight can stimulate the secretion of subliminal cells in the body, make the collagen fiber and elastic fiber rearrange, block and eliminate the formation of melanin, accelerate the growth of cells, accelerate blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, repair the skin, such as compact size plays a big role.

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