“I just received my copy of The Esthetician’s Guide to Outstanding Esthetics. It’s a dreary autumn day, and a hot cup of lavender tea and a new book sounded like the perfect way to spend my day. When I saw that your contact information was provided at the end of your chapter, I thought it would be a wonderful gesture for me to write you and tell you that I love your story!

I, too, am I firm believer in the Law of Attraction (and I have watched The Secret countless times) so it is always nice to see others that recognize the power our minds have when we allow ourselves the ability to think positively. I must say that although I have heard about you, and visited your site (and gadgets) a few times in the past, this encourages me to look into more of what you have put out there for us. Thank you so much for putting this book together! I’ve already gotten so much out of it and am just starting the 2nd chapter!”


Esthetic Books by Shelley Hancock

Have you ever noticed that some estheticians seem to be achieving success easily? They have a steady flow of clients, charge what they are worth, and make a great living doing skin care. They have learned what does not work (the hard way) and discovered what does work sometimes the hard way!)

Shelley shares stories and trade secrets so that you can shorten your learning curve to achieving a successful career.

Be Inspired to Leap into Esthetic Success! Learn Tips and Tricks from Shelley! Whether you are a new esthetician or an experienced skin care professional, any of Shelley’s books are a must. Learn proven techniques to thrive as a self-employed esthetician. Shelley’s wish is that by the time you finish reading any of her books, you will be ready to take a leap of faith in your own career!

Shelley Hancock shares valuable insights and lessons from her long, successful career in the beauty industry. Shelley hopes that her stories encourage you to push through fear when opportunity knocks. Her experiences can inspire you to let the excitement of what the future can bring be much bigger than the fear of the moment.

Shelley Hancock shares valuable insights and lessons from her long, successful career in the beauty industry. Shelley is considered a trusted esthetic advisor — someone you can go to for real support, solid advice, and genuine encouragement to transform your skincare career. 

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