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Illuminate LED Body Pad

Light up Your Facial Treatment with our
LED Body Detox Pad. The Large LED Body Pad (Half Body Pad) has
4608 LEDs. Using this LED Pad is like an Energy Drink for your cells!

The Large LED Body Pad (Half Body Pad) includes 3072 635nm red and 1536 830nm near-infrared (see chart). Both wavelengths are cleared by the FDA for a broad number of applications. The heat is 105 degrees.

The Large Pad size is 21 inches by 31 inches. Offer during a facial treatment for under the back, under the buttocks and underneath the upper legs, over the stomach, and over the front of the upper legs. To cover more areas, I recommend purchasing two for the best client satisfaction.

The Medium Pad size is 9″ by 20″.  It has 384 red and near-infrared LED’s. The Small Pad size is 11″ by 10″ (see the last picture). It has 224 red and near-infrared LEDs.

Both the Medium and Small LED Pads are great for spot-treating for pain. Lower or upper back, neck, or knees. 


Early this year (2022) I tested a full body LED unit on three clients of different age groups. Twice a week for 4 weeks. They all loved it. They stated the texture of their skin felt better, they had more energy, slept better and I saw a difference in their bodies. But the machine was super expensive, so I went to my friend Bill at Illuminate LED and asked for something effective and affordable for my solo estheticians.


I picked up the new Illuminate Body Pad the other day and I'm in love!! I rearranged my garage this past weekend and let me tell you, this 62-year-old body was sore!! After using the pad over the top of my legs, under my legs and then leaning up against it for my full back, I felt fabulous!

I can imagine offering this to every client that gets a facial. No extra time needed! Add-on charge will differ from State to State. My suggestion is to charge what you think everyone will say “yes” to. Better to have everyone adding it on at a slightly lower price than only a few people adding it on at a high price. Make sense?


The length of it is long enough to do back and buttocks or buttocks and back of legs. If you lay it on top it will cover the legs and stomach. You can wrap it around the stomach or hips.


Treatment time is 30 minutes to an hour.


To cover more areas during a treatment time, I recommend purchasing two pads for best client satisfaction and more return on your investment!

Read MORE on the benefits of RED LED for Body Sculpting HERE.

Red and infrared light are the healthful and helpful wavelengths of the sun. We are here because our bodies are able to use the light from the sun. These wavelengths increase circulation, reduce inflammation, increase mitochondrial function, convert sugars and fats to energy, increase cell health and growth, reduce fat cell size by processing the energy out of the fat cell, nourish healthy cells, increase feelings of euphoria, decrease anxiety, heal wounds, decrease scar activity, decrease peripheral nerve neuropathy pain, promote deep sleep, promotes alertness.

More benefits of LED are discovered every day. Our quality of life is dependent on these healthy colors (wavelengths) from the sun. Everyone knows how much better they feel when they get some sun or sit near a campfire!

RLT is proven to reduce overall body circumference measurements of the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms causing a “body contouring” effect. A study published in the National Institute of Health found that red light therapy “has a potential to be used in fat cells and cellulite reduction as well as in improvement of blood lipid profile without any significant side effects.”


An assessment of fat thickness using ultrasound found that the subcutaneous fat layer was reduced from 12mm before treatment to 8mm after. The results go on to state, “One of the main proposed mechanism of actions is based upon production of transient pores in adipocytes, allowing lipids to leak out. Another is through activation of the complement cascade which could cause induction of adipocyte apoptosis and subsequent release of lipids.”

Red light and infrared light therapy have been proven to improve blood circulation, in turn reversing the breakdown of collagen production and elastin contributing to the appearance of cellulite.


In a controlled study to determine the efficacy of red and near-infrared light therapy in the treatment of, skin roughness, and the increase in intradermal collagen density, it was found that, “The treated subjects experienced significantly improved skin complexion, skin tone, and skin feeling, profilometrically assessed skin roughness, and ultrasonographically measured collagen density.

Best results achieved when using a minimum of 20 minutes per area.


No extra time added to your treatment. Simply have client lay on pad (clothing off except underwear) or lay the pad over the client.


For highest level of protection of your pad and for sanitation purposes use the protective sleeve included in your order. Lay the plastic sleeve flat with the Velcro facing up. Place your LED pad, LED’s facing down, on top of the plastic sleeve. Velcro the plastic sleeve to the back of the LED pad. After each treatment simply wipe the sleeve with an anti-bacterial wipe.

2 Year Warranty

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