Estheticians Thrive! Tele-Summit

PAUSE for Positivity

Shelley Hancock

To begin the event we invite you to PAUSE – shift from constricted to expansive. You will be empowered to be the master of your response to life and work challenges. Take this journey with Shelley!

Sugar Mama’s Secrets

Shannon Sophia

Body Sugaring is quickly becoming the preferred form of hair removal for beauty professionals, come learn why! Sugaring secrets you may not know! Become a sugar pro!

My Skin Buddy

Ghada Abuhakmeh

My Skin Buddy has taken our industry by storm. Clients love it, estheticians see results and retail sales soar. Find out more about this new, innovative gadget and how it will grow your bottom line.

Five Minutes To Great Skin

Bill Wiedemann

LED has become a “must-have” in the spa industry. Why? How do you get in on it? Bill shows you how (and why) to benefit from LED in your practice. A must-have for corrective skincare.

Have Fun With Bookkeeping

Greg Mitchell

Is tax time a scramble? Do your eyes roll back with numbers? Greg makes bookkeeping easy, seamless, and a key ingredient to financial growth. Find the beauty in your numbers!

How to Thrive Online

Beverlee Garb

The DOs and DON’Ts of building a website for a skincare business. PLUS, understanding SEO, Google and other aspects of building an online presence and thriving online.

Selling Sucks!

Sheryl Stroud

The 10 Ethically Persuasive Secrets to keep your book full AND get the right take home products into the hands of EVERY customer. No More Pushing. No More Feeling Inauthentic.

Get 20+ New Clients Per Month

Nora Kenyeres

Learn the skills, tools and strategies you need to keep your appointment books full, sell out your premium services, and attract high-level clientele who’ll return, using social media and a little help from Nora.

The Gift of Recovery

Shannon Wamser

Better outcomes start with better recovery. Help clients through post-laser, surgery and other invasive procedures…with care. Pre/post essentials that you must know in order to help clients heal.

Who Is In My Bed Today?

Jane Mann

Every client has a story that shapes themselves. Jane addresses 4 common “inner influencers” of your clients: The Bold, The Perfectionist, The Strategist and The Forgotten. Learn how to work with each one.

Get Booked Perfectly

Lori Crete

The concepts you need to embody to become booked perfectly and profitably in 2021. Join this session to create beauty and success post-Summit and fill your books!

The Power of the Peel

Edith Gresham

Stimulate collagen, reduce scars and remove dead skin without the use of chemical or surgical procedures. Learn how the GREEN PEEL gets results with eight amazing herbs & enzymes.

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Michele Phelan

Learn how lymphatic drainage can be used in a facial treatment and how it benefits your clients.  Benefits, applications & contra-indications from the expert in Advanced Skin Education.

Live Your passion

Becky Kuehn

Drawing from working with Oncology clients, Becky reflects on what is most important about living a Passion-ate life and how to live your Passion in your practice and personal life.

A Profitable Waxing Menu

Crickett Enos

What waxing services make the most money? How much should you charge? What do you NOT need to have on your waxing menu? Get your clients back to waxing.

Prime For Positivity

Kim Serafini

Do you waste hours worrying about how to get what you want? Why not invest “PositivePrime” minutes daily creating an awesome life that makes you giggle and smile! No more wishing, just creating!

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