Masks and Mimosa Party


Skin Pro Lori sent me one of her 15 Minute Sheet Masks a few months ago.  My first thought was “here we go, just another sheet mask”. Nope, it’s not just another sheet mask!! I was absolutely amazed at how my skin felt and looked in just 15 minutes. Skin Pro Lori… done good! So, of course my marketing mind started to race and I came up with the idea of doing a “Masks and Mimosa” Party. Women love to gather and what’s better than a mimosa and something to make your skin look great.

The masks retail for $15, so that’s what I charged to attend the party. The hostess provided the mimosas (she had coffee as well!) and goodies to eat. We started at 10:30am and were through about noon. The hostess did not pay the $15 and I gave her some other products as a thank you. We had seven women. I recommend keeping it to ten at the most. It can get out of hand when everyone starts chatting away! I asked for everyone to come with clean faces. No base makeup but mascara was okay.

I started off by introducing myself and gave them a quick background about me. Then I explained about the sheet masks and why these are much better than the inexpensive ones you see at the drug store: It’s a biocellouse fiber material that clings tightly to the skin allowing the products to penetrate deeper and not evaporate from the skin like most sheet masks on the market today. The ingredient’s in the mask contain no added dyes or fragrances so it’s safe for all skin types (I had print out of the ingredients for those interested).

I then started the application of a mask on one of the gals, all the while talking about how it should be applied to the skin. I let the gal sitting next to her finish off smoothing out the mask as I went on to the next attendee and so on and so forth. They loved that they were involved….helping each other get the masks on nice and smooth. It was a lot of fun!

Once everyone had their masks on we did a question and answer session. Women love to ask questions about anti-aging and skin care, there was not a awkward moment with nothing to say. The time went really fast.

When they peeled off their masks it was so cool to hear all the oooh’s and awww’s. Everyone was touching their faces and then I was bombarded with questions about pricing, how often they can do it, where to get it, can they take one home today. Fun, fun, fun!

Ask one of your clients to host a party and hopefully the women that attend will be new to you and you can turn them into facial clients!

Get creative with the party name. Masks and Martini’s for an evening party or Masks and Margarita’s!

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