Your Complete Guide to Microcurrent Facials


Your Complete Guide to Microcurrent Facials

Stepping into the exciting world of skin care reveals a plethora of treatments promising to rejuvenate and revitalize your complexion. Microcurrent facials, in particular, have surged in popularity for their potential to sculpt, tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines — all from the comfort of home.

These facials utilize advanced microcurrent technology to elevate your skin care routine, focusing on creating noticeable improvements in your skin’s texture and firmness. But what exactly are microcurrent facials, and how do they work?

Let’s dive into the science behind microcurrent facials and uncover their potential benefits for your skin care regimen.

How Does Microcurrent Technology Work?

Microcurrent technology is a fascinating and innovative element of the skin care industry. To truly appreciate its benefits, let’s first understand how it functions. Microcurrent technology applies low-level electrical currents that mirror your body’s own natural currents on a cellular level. These gentle electrical currents stimulate the facial muscles, similar to how exercise impacts the muscles in your body.

How does this relate to skin care? Well, not only does this technology help support lymphatic drainage, but it’s also believed to support the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) — the molecule that provides energy for all cellular processes, including muscle movement and collagen and elastin production.

As you age, ATP levels and collagen and elastin production naturally decline… and this is a major contributor to visible signs of aging.

So whether you’re managing mature skin or are looking for ways to get serious about preventative care, microcurrent therapy may be able to help address skin concerns and support a more radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

What Are the Benefits of Microcurrent Facials?

Microcurrent facials are not just another passing trend in the skin care world — they have solid science to back up their potential benefits! While these facials can’t reverse the aging process (and nothing really can), they certainly can help minimize the look of visible signs of aging.

Microcurrent facials are also known for their potential to sculpt and tone the face, much like how regular exercise helps tone the body. The subtle electrical currents stimulate the facial muscles, promoting a tighter, more toned appearance. This can lead to noticeable improvements in facial contours, such as a more defined jawline and cheekbones. Microcurrent facials are also associated with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.

And unlike more invasive anti-aging treatments like Botox or fillers, microcurrent facials work with your skin’s natural processes. They complement your skin care routine, helping to optimize the effects of your hydrating, exfoliating, and other skin care products.

What’s the Process of Microcurrent Facials?

Whether you’re looking to add a microcurrent device to your at-home regimen or are considering working microcurrent facials into your professional menu, it’s important to know the best practices so you can get the best results!

1. Cleanse Your Skin

The process of a microcurrent facial is basically like giving your face a little workout without all the hard work.

But just like you have to stretch before giving your workout your all, you need to be sure to prep your skin properly before engaging in a microcurrent facial.

The first step involves thoroughly cleansing your skin. Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin as well — the goal is to have the clearest, cleanest possible palette so your device can penetrate as well as possible. We like to combine these two steps with an Exfoliating Cleanser to help prep your pores and create the perfect blank canvas.

This sulfate-free, luxury polishing cleanser combines the purest quality full spectrum CBD with botanical ingredients such as apricot seed to gently exfoliate your skin while removing makeup, dead skin cells, and other impurities.

2. Apply a Conductive Gel

A conductive gel acts as a medium for the microcurrent device, allowing the electrical current to pass into the facial muscles more efficiently. Without this gel, the electrical current would disperse on the skin’s surface, minimizing its effect.

3. Use the Microcurrent Device

Once the skin is prepped and primed, it’s time for the star of the show: the microcurrent facial device.

Microcurrent facial toning devices emit low-level electrical currents that target the facial muscles, subtly causing them to contract — and again, if that idea wigs you out a little bit, just think of it as a gentle, tiny workout.

When it comes to choosing your device, there are many options available to you — most of which are compatible with the Lift Microcurrent and Probe. This device is the ideal go-to because it works with most microcurrent units on the market!

You can also opt for the MiTAMA Microcurrent device, designed to fit in the palm of your hand. With this device, treatment only takes 10 minutes, once a week.

The Eye Rejuvenator device specifically delivers microcurrent to the eye area to awaken tired eyes, minimize the look of puffiness, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Plus, it can also be used around the lips to support oxygen and blood circulation!

The combination of these steps within a microcurrent facial can lead to some impressive results, from a more sculpted jawline to enhanced skin texture. As with any skin care treatment, consistency is key. Regular sessions will help to maintain the toning effects, leading to a more vibrant and youthful appearance over time.

4. Continue With Your Regimen As Usual

After using the microcurrent device, it’s important to continue your skin care routine as you usually would, particularly when it comes to moisturizing and protecting your skin. If you’re using a microcurrent device as part of your morning routine, follow up with a hydrating serum enriched with hyaluronic acid and a light moisturizer before applying makeup if you wear it and then an effective SPF.

If you’re using a microcurrent device as part of your evening routine, our Night Repair Moisturizer is your new best friend. This rich moisturizer is deeply nourishing and restorative, so it’s perfect for rejuvenating your skin after a treatment.

The combination of full spectrum CBD, retinol, and a myriad of probiotics and micro-algae helps support your skin’s natural renewal process, ensuring that you’ll wake up with bright, fresh-looking skin every morning.

How Do Microcurrent Facials Fit Into Overall Wellness?

Skin is the largest organ of the body and plays a vital role in our overall health and wellness. A holistic skin care approach — one that includes lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and stress management — is just as important as the products and treatments you use.

By working in harmony with your body’s natural processes, microcurrent treatments can help you optimize your skin health and achieve a more youthful and vibrant appearance. They also can help you generally make more time to look after yourself as a priority. While it may seem challenging to find extra time in your morning or evening routine for a facial, you’ll thank yourself in the long run for the gift of a little extra me-time.

It’s also important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, stay well-hydrated, and get enough sleep — all factors that can affect your skin health. A truly wellness-oriented skin care approach addresses all these areas, helping to ensure that you look and feel your best.

What Else Should You Know About Microcurrent Facials?

Microcurrent facials are generally considered safe and non-invasive, but as with any skin care treatment, there are a few considerations and precautions to keep in mind!

Whether it’s part of your personal routine or it’s something you’d like to start presenting to clients as an option, it’s important to clarify that microcurrent facials are complementary to a holistic skin care routine.

They are part of a broader approach to skin care that should also include proper cleansing, hydration, and protection. While they can potentially deliver more significant results more quickly than day-to-day skin care, there’s nothing more beneficial to your complexion than a consistent, comprehensive regimen!

Microcurrent treatments may also cause some mild side effects, such as slight redness or skin sensitivity. This is typically temporary and should subside soon after treatment. However, if you notice persistent redness or discomfort, it’s best to consult with a professional before continuing with at-home treatments.

There are also certain conditions that may disqualify individuals from receiving microcurrent facials. It’s crucial to inform your esthetician or dermatologist of your complete medical history before starting microcurrent treatments.

Most importantly, be vigilant about protecting your skin from the sun with a high-SPF sunscreen! While this should be part of your daily practice anyway, it’s non-negotiable after any facial treatment that may leave your complexion more vulnerable to damaging UV rays.

Take Charge of Your Skin

Microcurrent facials can be a game-changing addition to your skin care routine. With their potential to tone, sculpt, and revitalize your complexion, they offer a non-invasive, natural approach to maintaining your skin health.

However, they’re not a standalone solution. Achieving and maintaining great skin health involves a comprehensive, well-rounded skin care routine — good cleansing habits, hydration, sun protection, and a balanced diet.

It’s also important to remember that every person’s skin is unique, and what works well for one person may not work the same for another. Always consult with a dermatologist or esthetician before introducing new treatments to your routine, to ensure they’re suitable for your specific skin type and concerns.

With the right information and guidance, microcurrent facials can become an empowering tool in your skin care arsenal — a way to take control of your skin health and work towards achieving the radiant, youthful complexion you desire. So why not explore what microcurrent facials can do for you?


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