Types of Facial Treatments: Your Complete Guide


Types of Facial Treatments: Your Complete Guide

This comprehensive guide is a stepping stone into the expansive world of facial treatments that are as diverse as they are transformative. We’re going to explore these treatments in-depth, shedding light on their benefits, suitability for various skin types, and how they tie into your holistic skin care routine.

Whether you’re an esthetician looking for professional insights or a skin care enthusiast aiming to boost your at-home regimen, this guide will serve as an indispensable tool for your skin care journey.

What Are the Basics of Skin Types and Concerns?

All skin is unique — a living, breathing organ that requires care and understanding. The first step in choosing the right facial treatment is to understand your skin type and the concerns that go along with it.

Skin types generally fall into five categories: normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. Each comes with its unique challenges. Oily skin, for instance, may be more prone to breakouts due to excessive sebum production.

Dry skin might struggle with flakiness and an uncomfortable tight feeling. Combination skin, a mix of oily and dry, often requires tailored care for different areas of the face, while sensitive skin needs gentle, hypoallergenic products to avoid irritation.

On top of these, we encounter skin concerns — distinct issues that can occur regardless of your skin type. Pigmentation issues, fine lines, dark spots, and sensitivity are common concerns many of us grapple with. Age spots and uneven skin tone can also be bothersome, affecting the skin’s overall radiance.

With a robust understanding of skin types and concerns, we can then match them to the most effective treatments. Speaking of which, let’s talk about some of our go-tos. You’ll be able to find options to administer these treatments to yourself at home, share them with your clients if you’re an esthetician yourself, or even try them out at one of Shelley Hancock’s Skin Experts spas for the royal treatment.

What Types of Facial Treatments Are There?

With such a wide range of skin concerns, there is also a wide range of treatments clients can choose from, depending on their needs.

Exfoliation Treatments

Exfoliation, like with the Exfoliating Cleanser, is often considered the unsung hero of skin care. It paves the way for brighter, smoother skin by gently bidding farewell to dead skin cells that can make your complexion look dull. Not to mention, by removing these cells, your skin care products can penetrate more effectively.

In the realm of exfoliation, you’ll find treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Chemical peels use ingredients like glycolic and lactic acids, known for their exfoliating properties. These treatments help to even out the look of skin texture and tone.

Meanwhile, microdermabrasion uses a minimally abrasive instrument to gently “sand” the skin, removing its thicker, uneven outer layer. This can be an effective way to deal with concerns such as fine lines, age spots, and other superficial skin issues.

Treatments for Fine Lines and Signs of Aging

As we age, our skin begins to show signs of passing years as processes like collagen and elastin production slow, and facial fat stores begin to deplete. While we’re all about aging gracefully, there are many ways you can help promote a youthful-looking, radiant complexion!

The Skin Repair Complex can also help minimize the look of signs of aging thanks to ingredients like sea buckthorn and bakuchiol.

Laser resurfacing also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, while peptides are often used in treatments to support the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Another great option is red light therapy, which is known for its rejuvenating properties.

We love the Illuminate Flexible Full Face Panel to provide all-over coverage, helping to brighten and tone your skin from ear to ear. If you’re an esthetician, this is an investment piece — but it really can level up the results you provide to your clients, so it’s an investment we highly recommend.

Treatments for Dark Spots and Uneven Tone

Pigmentation issues, dark spots, and sun damage — these are all common skin concerns that can affect anyone, regardless of skin type. The good news is there are a multitude of ways to help combat these issues.

Dark spot treatments work by evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots. This often involves ingredients known for their brightening properties, like vitamin C, bakuchiol, and antioxidants. Treatments available at our spas, such as LED light therapies, can be effective in dealing with issues that affect your skin tone. The Illuminate Full Face LED Panel is available in red or green LED to help combat the appearance of dark spots and signs of aging, and the QUL Skin Repair Complex features powerful bakuchiol to support a youthful-looking complexion.

Just remember, it’s all about patience and consistency. Restoring your skin’s natural radiance doesn’t happen overnight — but with the right treatments and care, you can help your skin regain its glow.

Treatments for Blemishes and Breakouts

Blemishes and breakouts can be frustrating, impacting not just your skin, but also your confidence. Whether you’re a teen dealing with the requisite pimples and blemishes around your jawline or an adult experiencing breakouts for the first time, don’t worry — there are many skin treatments out there that can help.

Breakout-targeted facials can be ideal, helping to remove impurities from your pores with ingredients like Beta Hydroxy Acids and other chemical exfoliants. In fact, chemical peels are often a great option for this concern. If you have persistent blackheads or breakouts, many estheticians offer extractions, which can help with puffiness and redness immediately if you’re looking for a facial treatment to prepare you for an event.

Our Balancing Acne Toner combines AHA/BHA with tea tree and probiotics to clear pores, soothe skin, and maintain balanced sebum production.

LED light therapy, notably green light, is also used to address breakouts, soothe blemishes, and support overall clear-looking skin.

And if you’re undergoing a chemical peel or simply using serums with breakout-busting ingredients such as salicylic acid on the regular, nourishing facials intended for hydrating and moisturizing your skin can help to balance your complexion and prevent blemish-prone skin from becoming too dry and irritated.

The High Frequency Ozone device can help combat the look of breakouts and blemishes by penetrating subcutaneous tissue to support the production of reactive oxygen, support proper metabolism, and maintain healthy cell activity.

If your skin is struggling to hold up to tough breakout treatments, speak to your esthetician about a hydrafacial.

Soothing Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can often feel like a tightrope walk — it’s all about balance and avoiding potential irritants. But don’t worry, there are a host of treatments designed specifically for sensitive skin, aiming to soothe and calm.

When it comes to sensitive skin, gentleness is key. Treatments often incorporate ingredients known for their soothing properties, such as aloe vera and chamomile. LED light therapy, particularly red light, can also be beneficial for sensitive skin thanks to its calming properties.

Besides the treatments themselves, the way they are applied matters too. For instance, a gentle facial massage can enhance the absorption of products while promoting relaxation and boosting circulation. Something like the Ultrasonic Spatula can be ideal for sensitive skin, because it offers such gentle microdermabrasion that there’s no redness or downtime.

Advanced Skin Care Treatments

As the world of skin care evolves, advanced treatments continue to emerge, offering innovative ways to address various skin concerns. From peptides to microneedling, these treatments often combine the latest technology with deep-rooted knowledge of skin care.

Peptides, for example, are small proteins that are the building blocks of certain proteins in our skin, like collagen and elastin. When used in skin care products, peptides can help support the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Microneedling, on the other hand, involves using tiny needles to create microchannels in the skin. This encourages your skin’s natural response to repair, leading to a more rejuvenated appearance.

Another one of our favorite options, as we touched on earlier, is LED) therapy — an increasingly popular skin care treatment known for its non-invasive approach and varied benefits. Red and green LED lights are highly sought after for their wide range of skin-enhancing properties.

Lastly, oxygen infusions are a high-end, game-changing facial treatment that feels good and offers that oh-so-rare feeling of instant gratification when you or your client see an immediate improvement. This Oxygen Infusion Machine is our favorite, offering a 5-liter concentrator with a PSI of 20 and an oxygen level of 96%.

Final Thoughts on Facial Treatments

When it comes to skin care, there are so many things you need to juggle to get it right. There’s your daily routine, but there are also designated treatments and therapies that can help elevate your skin care regimen to the next level.

Whether you or your clients have specific skin care concerns that need to be addressed or you just want to elevate your natural radiance, seeking out facial treatments can make a huge difference to your complexion.

Armed with this guide highlighting the different types of facial treatments available to you — and the different types of facial treatments you can provide if you’re an esthetician looking to expand or build on your offerings — you’ll be able to navigate the world of cutting edge, next-level skin care with ease.


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