30 Minute Freshen Up Facial


Need a treatment to wow a new client or intrigue an old client to return? I created the Freshen Up Facial years ago but I just revamped it because of new tools and products that I’m now using. This is a treatment that you can charge a little less for, so a new client can check you out first before committing to your “Big Gun” treatments! 🙂

Here ya go:
You can do this quick 30 minute facial using any product line that you like but I will share with you the products that I use.

Apply appropriate cleanser to the face and use the Volero Cleansing Tool for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. (I guarantee your client will want to purchase the Volero!)

Put a small amount of LING Triple Action Exfoliator on the face and lightly massage for about one minute.  Add some water on top of the product and then use the ultrasonic spatula in the peeling position (blade down) to remove it.  The movement should be from the side of the face inward and wipe the blade clean with a Kleenex after each pass (please watch one of my ultrasonic spatula videos).  Rinse the skin well. Your client’s face will feel softer and look more vibrant even after these first two steps!

Now use the DermaDisc. If you don’t have the DermaDisc, do a very quick once over with your microdermabrasion machine. If you don’t have either of those you can skip this step.

Using a brush or your hands apply an enzyme. I like Real Transformation Pumpkin or LING’s Champagne Rose’. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Again, use your spatula in peeling mode to take off the product. Rinse face thoroughly.

Using a brush or your hands apply a mask appropriate for your clients skin. I use my Real Transformation Renewal Gel mask mixed with my Real Vitamin C+ Serum (yummy!). Add a bit of water if needed for more slip. Use the flat side of the spatula to penetrate.  Use slow upward and outward movements. Penetrate for about 3 to 5 minutes then do a hot towel wrap and rinse well.

Spray toner into the palm of your hand (3 sprays), pat your hands together and then pat toner onto clients face. Clients love the smell of Skin Script cucumber toner!  Apply appropriate moisturizer (I’m addicted to LING Oxygen Plasma Glow) and penetrate using the flat side of the spatula for just a couple of minutes. Apply a sunscreen and off they go!!!

Marketing description:
With the use of cutting edge esthetic equipment, in just 30 minutes you’ll leave feeling fresh and vibrant. Through effective yet gentle, we will reveal fresh clean skin. With the use of ultrasound we will penetrate nutrients into the skin leaving you looking vibrant and ready to make it a great day!

Tag lines:
Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion Treatment……not your ordinary microderm!
We offer cutting edge technology…ultrasonic microdermabrasion.
Only the best for my clients…..ultrasonic microdermabrasion.
We offer a step above the rest…..ultrasonic microdermabrasion.
Freshen Up Facial for fresh vibrant new skin.

Received this email today: I just finshed the Freshen Up Facial on myself, it felt great during and my skin feels amazimg. Love your pumpkin enzymes. Thank you bunches Shelley


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