Red, blue, green, yellow, egg shell, tangerine LED….what color works best?


I’m just kidding about the egg shell and tangerine!! My point is that there are quite a few colors out there…which colors work best? Those of you reading this and know me, already know that I don’t speak “scientific”. I speak experience. I’m just sharing the facts of what I’ve seen over the 32 years of doing facials.

I started working with LED in 2003. My first machine had red and blue. I was told that red was for anti-aging and that blue was for acne. I saw fabulous results from the red LED which prompted me to include it in every treatment and I have been doing so ever since then. LED is not an add-on for my clients. I finish every treatment with LED.

My story about blue LED is quite different. I used it on acne for years but never seemed to clear up my clients acne for very long. It discouraged me. But then I read about green for acne, so I started using green instead of blue. Guess what? I started seeing acne clear up! Simply put: blue doesn’t penetrate very deep so it will only help surface acne. Green penetrates deeper and kills bacteria at an oxygenating level. Read the article here:

It’s been 16 years now since I started using LED and I’m still a big fan!! I’m kind of even a bigger fan because of the new Illuminate panel that is so powerful that treatment time is only 5 minutes. Seriously…only 5 minutes to get results! Now there’s no reason not to offer LED in every treatment. The treatment time for most panels to get decent results is 30 minutes…..that’s just way too much time taken up!

Let’s chat more about green LED. I was told years ago that it’s great for pigmentation. I tested it using a full face panel of green and never saw any results but….I’m thinking my panel wasn’t strong enough. I’ve got a very strong 250 LED green hand unit that I’ve been using for acne ( and getting results!). It’s a 90 second spot treatment time! I’m going to do some testing on pigmentation….I’ll keep you posted! This green hand held unit will be available soon. Price will be $250.


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