Let’s Give Away Appreciation


I read this the other day and it stopped me in my tracks for a few minutes. “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”. Author unknown to me.

Here’s one definition of appreciation: the act of recognizing or understanding that something is valuable, important.

It got me thinking about how I feel when I know that I am appreciated for something I’ve done or just who I am. I feel driven to go the extra mile. There’s more of a pep in my step that day!

It also got me to thinking about the look on someone’s face or the tone of their voice when I’ve shown appreciation to them. I realize that not only does it make their day better but it makes mine better as well. I feel really good when I genuinely show someone how much I appreciate who they are.

I spent so many years of my career working for myself, by myself. Appreciating yourself is a must, but it’s much more fun coming from someone else! These days I find myself with a team of fabulous people around me and I’m noticing how we are lifting each other up with praise and it’s incredible the things we are accomplishing.

Let’s not be stingy with appreciation to those around us. Let’s give it away on a daily basis!


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