Using Charisma to Become a Successful Esthetician


What is charisma? I love that word. Charisma. It just feels good rolling off my tongue. Did you know that you can learn to have charisma? It’s not necessarily something you’re born with. You can learn how to be charismatic. You can learn how to turn on charisma.

I was having a conversation with an esthetician, and she started to talk about a book she was reading about charisma. I could swear that she said, “Shelley, you have charisma just like this book states,” but maybe that was just my wishful thinking! The subject intrigued me and I actually ordered the book while I was on the phone with her.

The book is called The Charisma Myth and was written by Olivia Fox Cabane. I devoured this book. I couldn’t put it down once I opened it to the first page. I’ve now read it four times, and there are more sentences highlighted than not. I actually emailed Olivia to thank her for writing this book and to my delight, she emailed me back!

First of all, let’s look up the word charisma in the dictionary and see what it has to say. As a noun, charisma means a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others. In business, we certainly want to influence our clients.

Influencing your facial customers is a daily occurrence. If you can’t influence them to do further business with you, then you may not stay in business very long. Actually, each and every day, we want to influence the people we come in contact with. Our spouse, our kids, the neighbors, that potential employer or client, everyone we meet.

I like the word interestingness in the meaning of charisma. We must be interesting, and I also like to say that we must be interested. Charismatic people are both interesting—others want to listen to what they have to say—and they are interested—they want to listen to what others have to say.

In our skin care businesses, we must be interested in our clients’ needs. We must be interested in listening to what they have to say—and I mean to truly listen. Being present and focused. Not thinking about the next thing you’re going to say. Not interrupting them while they’re sharing their needs.

Charismatic people are often good storytellers, with an engaging manner when speaking and explaining. They’re able to communicate their message clearly, being serious, and then injecting a bit of humor when appropriate to keep their listeners attentive and focused.

Being charismatic involves communicating dynamically, with passion and enthusiasm. It involves thinking positively, having optimism and self-confidence. It’s being persuasive and building the respect and trust of others. Bring your most charismatic self to your business and I truly believe it will take you to the next level of success as an Esthetician.


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