One Price … Multiple Skin Treatments


One Price….Multiple Treatments
I’m sending an email out to my skin care clients stating that during the month of November, when they pay a fee of $150 they can come in as many times as they want for a 30 minute LED treatment (maximum three times per week). It states in the email to arrive with no base makeup on. We’ll do a quick cleanse, apply the serum for their skin condition and then 30 minutes under the Celluma. At the end….sunscreen and off they go!

I want my clients to see the benefits of coming in on a regular basis for LED. I can also be talking with them about products they should be using and with newer clients, this allows me the time to establish a good relationship.
I happen to have a second treatment room that this can be done in, but if you don’t….it’s still worth offering this service. You are making money while you’re in the other room making phone calls or having a cup of tea! You are also creating very happy clients because they will see changes in their skin. My guess is that the clients that decide to partake in this special will come in twice a week. That comes out to be only $18.75 per 30 minute session but….what if they got hooked on this and decided they’d like to continue coming for a session once a week? My regular fee for a 30 minute session is $40. So now I’ve created an extra $40 a week because of this special…..and that’s only if one client gets hooked. You may get several hooked. You with me on this?
I’ll keep you posted on how this works out but I have a really good feeling about this!
10/31/2013: Okay, the email went out yesterday and we booked…are you ready for this? We booked 8 specials yesterday!! Whoohoo. Four of them were clients that we had not seen in quite some time, so it was an intriguing enough deal to get them back in again! I’ll keep updated as we go along.


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